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Can tattoos fade?

Well, the answer to this is – YES. If you don’t take good care of them from the outset, tattoos can certainly fade. Along this, you need to know that light colors will generally fade quicker than the darker colors. Though with the ever growing of popularity for this form of body modification color quality has improved considerably, yet there are many factors which can lead to fading.


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Tattoos are loved for many reasons. As per the figures available at Statista, 30 percent of the people in USA said they have a tattoo job done. While summer is right here, it is the best time of year to show off that new tattoo, right?

But wait! The sun can be one of the biggest enemies of your tattoo. You got a tattoo after a spending reasonably good amount of money, time and suffered the pain too. So you cannot let your ink just go like this. The idea of it fading can be...

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Tattoos play an important role when it comes to the expression of your thoughts. They are popular since its advent and its popularity can be seen in a fact that 36% of U.S. adults aging 18 – 25 have at least one tattoo.

Do you think getting a tattoo is a joke? It takes a lot of effort to be able to choose a perfect tattoo design and even harder experience when one finally go through a whole tattooing process. Unfortunately, your responsibility does not end here and in order to make sure that you get a perfect tattoo,...

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Underarm hair removal is routine for many ladies out there and to make that routine comfortable and easy, it is important that they follow to choose the best hair-removal technique which will make them feel comfortable. Getting rid of irritating hairs from the armpit at a salon may feel comfortable but when salon bills start to add up, they become a headache and because of which one starts to wish there was a cheaper alternative of it.


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Microblading is no doubt a treat of science for all the women in the world. It is the perfect panacea for all your early loud alarms reminding you to wake up to get some cosmetics on to flaunt everywhere you go. It is a form of semi-permanent makeup used to fill in the scarce brows and the trend is on rise.

Microblading Aftercare for Your Care

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As per the statistics of...

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Nowadays facial hair removal is practiced worldwide. However, if you are in doubt- whether to go for it or not, you must check on the different pros and cons of this treatment first. Start reading!

Want to get rid of extra hair on eyebrows, upper lip, chin or cheeks?

would you shave your face?


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These are no less than the imperfections of your skin. Being unsightly, women...

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Navel piercings are gradually becoming a mandatory fashion accessory. If you too are planning to get one, here is something you need to know beforehand. Read on the complete rule guide to have a safe piercing.

Body medications have been gaining popularity all around the world. Among different types, piercing is certainly a more voguish way out to create your long-lasting style quotient.

Want to get pierced? But are not sure which piercing to choose?

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Have you been waiting for summers to hit the beaches?

That might be great fun. But you cannot overlook the fact that blazing sun can cause havoc to your tender skin and hair. And your summer skin care is not constrained to application of sunscreen lotion merely. To save your skin and hair from outside heat in those peak summer days, here is something special.


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Aging is a normal phenomenon of the human life cycle. With aging come various changes in the human body. One of the major changes that are palpable is a change in the physical appearance of the skin. Skin starts to get wrinkles, sagging, and pigmentation with growing age. Did you know that over 85%  of women surveyed in a ...

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When you plan to get a tattoo, you dream of having it the same way, throughout your life.  And certainly, tattoos are said to be permanent. But this never means a tattoo will always last forever looking good.

Yes, you got the point! There are chances for your tattoo to fade away over the passage of time. This means is if you get a tattoo now, and after a few years, if it doesn’t look as fresh and as striking as it used to be once, it has most-likely faded. While most tattoos will fade at least...