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From fading to aftercare, here are the things you should know about ankle tattoos.

What to Know About Ankle Tattoos?


Ankle tattoos are one of the popular tattoos among women. Well, there are many reasons why they are popular. First of all, they are tiny and elegant. You can hide them under your socks and shoes when you are in a formal setting or at workplace. There are plenty of tattoo designs you can choose from, from...

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Regardless of whether you need to remove hair on your legs or from your bikini line, you need to remember that while the method is very easy, waxing is not for the faint of heart. It works better if you have the right information for pre-treatment and aftercare.

Use Numbing cream for waxing to help in getting rid of hair!

Before you experience waxing you should know all the information related to waxing, and this...

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Numbing cream not only soothes pain occurred during tattooing and piercing, but also can be instant relief remedy for sunburn.

Can I Use Numbing Cream for Sunburn?


Redness, pain, itching, swelling, small fluid blisters, and skin that’s too hot to touch—these are symptoms when your skin is exposed to the glazing sunrays. Well, we are talking about how sunburn affects your skin. Even...

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When it comes to choosing a tattoo style for men, people prefer going for back tattoos. This body art has been popularly used in tribal societies and no wonder these tell different stories with different historical symbol.

5 Back Tattoo Ideas for Men to Try

However, things have changed with the passage of time. Now these are more voguish and classy. Find out here top 5 back tattoo designs which you can pick over and...

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If you need to wear a stud or a nose ring, you need to pierce the skin first. You can buy snap on varieties, but a great many people like to wear a permanent one. This does not mean that you can't alter your opinion about a pierced ear or nose.

Body Piercing; A Perfect and Popular Style Statement

Piercing is permanent just like tattoos...

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Being one of the oldest practices, ear piercing is still remains the most popular form of body art. Now this technique of making a very small opening in your ears to fit a desirable piece of jewelry can be categorized into a huge number. Let’s explore what all options do you have to get your ear pierced.

6 Different Types of Ear Piercings to Make You Go Wow!

Looking forward to have a piercing job done?

The very...

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Ear piercings have been popular and will remain the same in years to come. Almost every woman gets ear pierced once in a lifetime in one way or the other. In case, you are also planning for same, and want to go out of box with some exclusive style, here is something you will love. Explore.

7 Ear Piercing Styles To Stay Voguish This Season!

Want to get your ears pierced?

Certainly, you will not be interested in the...

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The fame of lip piercing and tongue piercing is rising around the world. These kind of things has turned out to be phenomenally famous with teenagers and other young people. Because of this reason, piercing shops are getting to be noticeably popular.

In Trend; Lips Piercing And Tongue Piercing

The deserter pain of acquiring an exceptional piercing, for example, lips piercing and tongue...

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Learn here how numbing cream makes your tattooing, waxing and piercing painless.

When to Use Numbing Cream?


Some skin processes like tattooing, piercing and laser hair removal are painful. For example, tattooing does hurt because it is done striking needles on the skin to embed the ink. Piercing is done using the needle to penetrate the skin. Laser hair removal is painful because of the intense heat beams being directed towards...

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Even grandpa loves tattoo! Don’t give up your desire to get the one just because you are aged. Here are some tips for seniors getting their first tattoo.

4 Tattooing Tips for seniors


The popularity of tattoo is not limited to young generation only. Even seniors are willing to get their skin inked. According to one survey, 11% of seniors between 50 and 64 have tattoos. Senior men are 71% more likely to ink their body than women...