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Hemorrhoids are the swollen veins in the lowest part ofthe rectum and anuswhich is also known as piles. They usually cause straining at the time of bowel movements. Discomfort, pain and flare-ups are its common symptoms.Mostly, the piles disappears with the passage of time.

Tips to deal with the pain and flare-ups of hemorrhoids!

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Tattoos are always a fun way to show your likes and love about something and there is always a story behind every tattoo. Especially when a woman gets a tattoo it is associated with a deep meaning. It can be a reflection of her personality or about certain thing she is passionate about. After all a women who is mature enough knows that tattoo is a permanent decision, and it will stay on skin her forever. If you also want a tattoo on your body that truly depict your true self, here are some awesome and stunning ideas for you.


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If you really wantto get a tattoo on your body, but not sure where it will look good, don’t worry. For men, tattoo is more like a cool status symbol, and shoulders are the best body part toshowit off.  Finding a good tattoo artist and choosing a good tattoo art should always be one of your priorities.

Guys! Go in for small shoulder tattoos to depict your coolness

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The trend of tongue piercing is not new; it has been in fashion since 90s. It was very alluring back those days trend continues to be in fashion till date.It looks cool and gives your personality a unique vogue. However most of the youngsters are not aware of its disadvantages.

Everything you need to know about tongue piercing!

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In the East Asia nose piercing is not only in fashion, but it’s associated with traditional practice also. If we talk about the rest of the world, nose piercing continues to evolve in stunning ways. It has become the coolest fashion trend, even Hollywood celebrities are also influenced by nose piercing, and this fashion is not onlytrendy among women, butalso male stars like Zayn Malik and Chris Brown.


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10 years ago face piercing was a taboo at workplaces, however, with changing times the level of acceptance has increased in many fields. There are still some professions that don’t allow people with face piercings to work for them, but many open-minded workplaces accept the expression of our personal style.

Acceptability of face piercing at workplaces!

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The best way to get rid of unwanted hairon your body for a longer time is waxing. When you are doing it at home, it can be a bit painful. Still, with little practice andfew tips, it becomes easier to wax at home. Before waxing, you can take some painkillers or some yoga classes, especially before bikini waxing. So that you can wax without pain.

8 Simple tips to do waxing at home without pain!


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No matter how many times you’ve browsed on the internet or consulted a friend, sometimes your tattoo choice is just not right and you realize it when it’s too late! The reasons for not liking your tattoo maybe a botched relationship, wrong choices, or a bad design. So, the only choice you’re left with is to get it removed completely from your skin.

Way to remove permanent tattoo with a lemon juice


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Excess of everything is bad. Likewise, overexposure to the sun is not good for your skin. It not only causes hyper pigmentation or other sun conditions but also leads to sunburn blisters. These blisters are raised, fluid-filled bumps on the skin. The sunburn blisters can appear anywhere on the body parts that are directly exposed to the sun.

Treat and get rid of sunburn blisters on face!

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Over the past few years, microdermabrasion has become a popular term in the skincare world. It is an effective procedure that’s used by many to enhance the appearance of their skin. This dermal procedure is done to reverse the signs of aging and to undo the cosmetic damage that may have occurred from acne, sun exposure, or other environmental factors.

Things not to be done after microdermabrasion procedure!