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Tattooing- “make (an indelible design) on a part of the body by inserting pigment into punctures in the skin.”  It is clear enough from the definition that when your skin is punctured, it causes pain. Thus, there is no denying from the fact that your favorite ‘tattoo’ will be painful. However, this does not mean […]

If numbing can give your relief, you can definitely get relief from the body pain by using our NumbSkin Cream. Human body can get pain due to various reasons, muscle strain, joint inflammation, pain due to working continuously, etc.But, NumbSkin is the perfect solution to relieve you from all sorts of pain. Working of NumbSkin […]

Today, laser therapies, facial surgeries, tattoos, piercing are very common. But, getting them done on your body gives you a lot of pain on the skin. These all arepainful skin procedure and require local anesthetic to be applied prior the procedure. NumbSkin formula is a solution for this problem. What does NumbSkin do? NumbSkin is […]

Yes. Hypoallergenic, NumbSkin is an effective formula that can be used on any type of skin. NumbSkin is a topical anesthetic cream manufactured with the aim to offer temporary relief of pain and/or itching associated with scrapes, dermal procedures, intravenous cannulation, minor skin procedures, laser treatment, waxing, body art (tattoo and piercings), etc., and is suitable for all skin types even. Approved […]

Well, if you have landed here in search of a perfect solution to numb the specific area of your body, before you go through some painful procedures, then you are at the right place! In the modern era, people love to experiment with their skin. Especially, the youngsters, they are greatly fascinated by different and […]