Monthly Archives: May 2017

Here we have listed the things about permanent makeup you probably heard of.   Permanent makeup is the ray of hope for those who have less eminent eyebrows, lashes or lip lines due to aging, medical condition or scarring. In permanent makeup, a professional uses tattooing technique to draw facial features by embedding ink into […]

How moles are removed? Should I do it myself or choose physician for that? Does the process hurt? Here we have answered such questions you want to know about mole removal surgery. Moles are the raised skin growths caused by the skin pigments called melanocytes. Moles are common and occur regularly throughout childhood or adolescence. […]

Got a tattoo recently? Or you are planning to get one very soon? When it comes to using any numbing cream, there might be many questions coming to your mind. How to apply? Is it effective? Will it leave any side-effects? And many more! Find your answers here. When you start with the tattoo process, […]