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How to use numbing cream for piercing? What are the precautions? What is a right percentage of numbing cream for piercing?   Why people get pierced? One of the major reasons is that piercing enhances one’s style. Piercing is the part of the rituals or culture. In some nations, piercing is the sign of attaining […]

Learn here how to use numbing cream for minor burns.   Burn is a common household injury caused by radiation, touching hot surfaces, chemicals, electricity, friction, and heat. Even a minor burn causes pain and tingling sensation and leaves a scar over your skin. It is quite obvious to reach for a skin cream or […]

  Tattoos are meaningful, no matter if they are designed by a prisoner. Here we have listed some cool tattoos that were originally developed “behind the bars”. Prisoners are not allowed to get a tattoo in the US. In spite of that restriction, prisoners have their own makeshift toolsto get a tattoo, from mechanical pencils […]

Sometime, muscle and joint pain is so intense that it affects your comfort and mobility. Learn here why numbing cream is the right choice in such case.   Experiencing muscle and joint pain is common, especially after excessive physical activity or slippery incidents. The pain is also caused by several health conditions like arthritis and […]