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From pain factor, designs to aftercare instructions, here we have rounded up some essential things you should know about foot tattoos. Image Credits: Foot tattoos, whether they are placed on the ankle, mid foot or the shinbone, look awesome and cute. And one more thing—foot tattoos add to your oomph factor. The tattoo ideas […]

Have mathematics have always haunted you? Mathematics used to be one of the boring subjects and nightmare for most of the people in their younger hood, but thanks to this mathematics and history related that it has given birth to tattoo designs which are in trend and looks beautiful. Image Credits: All these geometric […]

Learn here how numbing cream helps you manage pain occurring during cannulation. Image Credits: Cannulation is a medical process in which cannula, a needle shaped tube, is inserted to the vein to collect blood samples or deliver the fluids, medication and blood products to the body. While it is an important medical technique, many […]

Osteoarthritis is a wear and tear arthritis which causes severe pain. Learn here how numbing cream helps when it comes to achieving instant pain relief from OA.   Image Credits: Osteoarthritis or OA is known as wear and tear arthritis. It is a condition when the natural “cushion” between joints and cartilage wears away, […]