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Navel piercings are gradually becoming a mandatory fashion accessory. If you too are planning to get one, here is something you need to know beforehand. Read on the complete rule guide to have a safe piercing. Body medications have been gaining popularity all around the world. Among different types, piercing is certainly a more voguish […]

When you plan to get a tattoo, you dream of having it the same way, throughout your life.  And certainly, tattoos are said to be permanent. But this never means a tattoo will always last forever looking good. Yes, you got the point! There are chances for your tattoo to fade away over the passage […]

Some say tattoos are like stores and symbolic of the important life moments. Some opine that tattoos stand for self-discovery. Some associate tattoo with prison culture. Well, these are thoughts of celebrities, authors and iconic people over tattoos. Pic Credit:-   Here we have compiled such interesting thoughts about tattooing. “Tattoos are like stories – they’re […]

 If you have to get your child vaccinated, it is essential to prepare for the pain-fear. Here is all you need to know. Are you among those parents who are overlooking the significances of vaccination? Pic Credit:- hen you need to know that vaccines save more lives than seat belts in the U.S. Hence, if you […]

What is Topical Anesthetic Cream? Commonly used before and after the medical and cosmetic procedures, Topical anesthetics are used to relieve the pain. Such procedures may be tattoos and tattoo removal, dermabrasion, and, laser hair removal. The ingredient used in these creams or gels is anesthetic drugs such as lidocaine, tetracaine, benzocaine, and prilocaine. Apart […]

The popularity of tattoos amongst the people is at its peak since the time of its birth. Tattoos are one of the best platforms to express your feelings and thoughts for someone. The best thing about tattoos is that they do not discriminate anyone on the basis of color, age, caste or gender. Anyone ranging […]