Monthly Archives: June 2018

Want to get your tongue pierced? Of course, it looks stylish and is popular among teens. Despite being the fourth most popular piercing type among American women, do you know it poses several threats to your health? Generally, people who get tongue piercing have to suffer pain, taste loss, swelling, drooling, etc. But if done […]

Have you been suffering from intense itching at the exit of the rectum called the anus? Then there are good chances of you suffering from Pruritus ani. Being one of the most embarrassing skin conditions, it is associated with persistent itching in the anal region. Do you know there are 100 different causes for pruritus […]

Do you have a strong passion for witches, moon phases, and demons? What about having a witchery crafted on your body? It is possible with tattoo art. People are going gaga over witch tattoos. These can haunt the onlookers and appear classy. Below are listed some of the exciting tattoos which are growing popular immensely. […]

Tattoos are loved for many reasons. As per the figures available at Statista, 30 percent of the people in USA said they have a tattoo job done. While summer is right here, it is the best time of year to show off that new tattoo, right? But wait! The sun can be one of the […]