Monthly Archives: October 2018

Whether it is about a beach holiday or a party, showing off your new stomach tattoo is never out of trend. These inked designs are more than gorgeous. Above all, these are perfect to flaunt your passion for body art.  Both men and women alike enjoy designing this area. However, women seem to be crazier […]

Nowadays more and more women desire to wear tattoos. This form of body art has been very famous over the decades. While everyone have their own reasons to get a tattoo, however, these are best known to make your body more appealing.  So, if lovely ladies, you wish to get inked with a meaningful artwork, […]

Finally decided to take the plunge and get your dream piercing? Belly buttons are quite popular these days. These are also termed as navel piercings. While they seem to a low-risk and highly fashionable piece of jewelry, this form of piercing extends through the upper edge of the belly button. A curved barbell-style jewelry piece […]

Are you dealing with a permanent mark on your face?  Scars can mark their presence in your life due to number of reasons. It might be after the healing of an injury or may be a disease. So if you are affected from any kind of scares, from moderate to severe, and these are causing […]

Have your tongue been infected after piercing? Learn here what to do to heal it. After getting a tongue piercing, are you observing these signs? Redness and Red Steak Swelling Yellowish Pus Pain Sensation and Chilling Fever No Healing It means that your tongue have caught infection. The tongue is the sensitive and tender part. […]

Botox has been in great demand these days, and you can literally make modifications to your each and every part of your body. You must consider an expert’s supervision but while keeping a check on whether he or she have delivered positive and effective results in the past.  Let us continue with more: How can […]