5 Clear Signs You Are in the Wrong Tattoo Shop

Now more than ever people are choosing to go under the needle. Do you know as per the CBS News, one in five adults report having a tattoo? So the growth in the popularity of tattoos is not a hidden fact. Same is the case with tattoo shops. These are opening everywhere. All thanks to the interest in body art which has been rising steadily in the last few decades. 

Tattoo shop

But are all shops safe to get inked? Definitely, not as all of them are not equal in term of certification, devices, reputation, and much more. It was reported by CBS News in a study that 6 percent of New Yorkers with tattoos suffered “significant” complications. These vary from swelling to rashes, and everything between, which persisted for more than four months. Moreover, around ten percent reported to deal with less severe short-term problems. 

But wait! You really don’t need to get too freaked out. It is just that you have to be careful and choose a tattoo shop which is regulated by local and state authorities. And then there are certain rules which these parlors have to follow. Besides, here are some points which can intimate that you are not in a safe zone. Have a look:

If there are dirty employees!

Cleanliness of employees at tattoo shops cannot be ignored at any cost. Hence, they should be wearing clean and sterile stuff. Everything from gloves to the equipment being used must be as per the hygiene guidelines. If you find the tattoo artist to be dirty, or he has ink or stains on his clothes, it is better to leave the place. 

If they cannot make it painless!

You must be thinking- are tattoos painful? Well, the shortest answer would be, YES. Tattooing will hurt. Now how much, it will depend on various factors. The good thing is that many good tattoo shops are making use of numbing solutions like NumbSkin cream to make it pain-free. This cream comes with 5% lidocaine and is FDA approved topical anesthetic solution. While it is safe to us, it can be bought over the counter easily. So, don’t forget to ask your artist what they do to make tattooing painless. 

If it smells too bad!

It is essential for tattoo shops to smell great. This is possible only if they are using high quality cleaning products to tattoo and sterile air. Hence, if you walked into a tattoo shop but find it to be odious, you must think over your choice. There is no use of staying in the parlor where you were greeted with a foul odor or by a big puff of smoke. 

If you find animals there!

In case, the parlor you choose has a dog running around or snake cages set up, this is a violation of most states health codes. So it will be a disgusting situation to get tattooed at a shop where animals are present. 

If their bathroom is not in good condition!

Yes, you must check out the bathroom in the tattoo shop in advance. If it looks or smell clean, you are good to go. Actually, the way they maintain their bathroom will give you a clear idea of the level of cleanliness in the business. 

So, if you find nothing like above, you are getting a tattoo in an overall pretty harmless place. These are really important to check to avoid any complications later on. Be careful, be safe!

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