5 Major Myths about Botox Treatment

When it is about reducing the appearance of wrinkles, Botox is a preferred choice of many. While the process is getting highly popular, with this are also increasing the number of myths associated with the same. Explore some of them here.

5 Major Myths About Botox Treatment

Do you know Botox has been used in the cosmetic surgery industry for over 15 years? It is highly popular in the cosmetic surgery industry, especially for the treatment of facial wrinkles. Derived from the bacteria Clostridium botulinum, it is nowadays no less than a boon for who desire for youthful look. Here it is important to note that it can be harmful when present in high doses, reason being it carries the toxin which causes food poisoning. But when used in small dilute quantities and injected safely under the skin, it acts as a muscle relaxant and works on the aging signs significantly.

Have you been planning for Botox treatment but hesitate to step ahead just due to the reason someone stated a baseless side-effect story? Don’t fret over such things as there are not one or two, but numerous misconceptions about this dermal procedure. Below are listed some of them;

It is highly toxic for the face…

As stated earlier that Botox is harmful for your body only when not given in appropriate amount. Else, it has nothing to do with your skin’s quality. Botox is safe for your skin and body. When a person injects botox in higher amount, it becomes harmful for your health. Hence, it is has to be injected into your body in right proportions, just like any other drug.

It is extremely painful…

Saying that botox injections are not painful will be unfair. Reason being, you already know that when anything is injected to your skin, it pains. But the good thing is that this painful process can be turned into painless one. How? All you need is a local anesthetic cream. You can use Numb Skin to eliminate the pain from entire process. Actually, it contains 5% Lidocaine and other essential oils, which helps blocking the pain signal, that too without effecting skin’s quality.

It leaves you with an emotionless face

Not at all! This is purely a rumor that when you get a Botox treatment you become unable to show any expression. The truth is that if the treatment is done properly and naturally, it allows you to give you all emotions, meanwhile looking younger than your age. So, even after you get injected, you can still express emotion of happiness without any worries.

It works similar to the dermal fillers…

Regardless of the fact that both of these treatments reduce the appearance of wrinkles, botox is not as same dermal filler. Both are two different treatments in terms of function, costs, and yes, results too. While the dermal fillers add volume to the facial tissues to offer a more youthful look, the latter eases the muscles which produce wrinkles.


It makes you an addict…

Separating from the other drugs, chances are that after getting a botox treatment done you will feel better and the results will make you feel amazing. No doubt, you might have to visit your dermatologist for repeated treatment but not every week or month. It can be in every six months or longer, just to maintain that fabulous appearance.

Thought the effect is temporary, yet it is a good option for those who crave for younger looking skin. You can choose it and keep aging signs at bay!



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