5 Simple Tips to Prevent a New Tattoo from Scabbing

There is a lot you need to take care of when it comes to a new tattoo job. It is just like a fresh injury which is suspected to several infections and other problems. If you wish to prevent it from scabbing, here are some must follow tips. Check out.

5 Simple Tips to Prevent a New Tattoo from Scabbing

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With more and more young people going for tattoos, it is becoming an ever rising trend in the world of body modifications. Regardless of the fact that it is a painful process, people are going gaga over different forms of tattooing. All thanks to emergence of topical anesthetic creams like Numb Skin which comes with 5% lidocaine and blocks the pain signals ideally.

As far as a tattoo is concerned, a new art on your skin will appear to flake and peel. Especially, during the healing process, there are chances of scabbing a little bit. Hence, if you wish to prevent it from losing its color and clarity, or simply want to prevent a new tattoo from overly scabbing, you must care for it. In the first two weeks, which is said to be the most critical time, you need to follow some aftercare tips. 

Below we have listed a number of things which must be followed. Have a quick read:

Choose loose clothing:  During healing time, avoid tight and restrictive clothing. You cannot take risk of wearing those which rub against the area, where your new tattoo is located. This can be a root cause behind irritation that further leads to scabbing. So, it is better to wear breathable clothes like those of cotton, keeping nylons and polyesters at bay.

  1. Don’t let it saturate: The first thing you need to do is prevent it from saturating. And you seriously don’t need to use petroleum or lanolin based products. Basically, these can clog your pores and can pull out color too. Hence, they hamper the appearance and healing process of your tattoo. Remember, a slow healing tattoo is more probe to scabbing as it doesn’t get enough moisture during healing.
  2. Keep it moist: While it is important to prevent it from saturation, it is equally important to keep it moisture. And this must be followed explicitly if you want to decrease the chances of causing your new tattoo to scab. As far as using an aftercare product is concerned, you can either consult a tattoo artist or you can go for Numb Skin once again. While it will keep pain away, it contains vitamin E which acts as a moisturizer.
  3. Wash your tattoo carefully: Whenever you need to touch your tattoo, always wash your hands prior and then wash your tattoo with a mild and antibacterial soap. Use your fingers to do this gently. Avoid usage of sponge, wash cloth, bath puff or any other material while washing the area. After cleaning, thoroughly rinse all of the soap off.
  4. Be gentle:  After you have cleaned the tattoo, pat your new tattoo dry with a clean towel. You can let it air dry. No rubbing as your tattoo can pull off the thin layer which is also referred to as a scab. It forms a protective layer over the fresh ink. Now it is essential to understand that this scab is necessary. So, don’t want pull it off before it’s ready. Else you will have larger scabs which can be harmful.
  5. No sweating, no soaking: Lastly, avoid workouts which require stretching of around the tattooed area. There should be no excessive sweating, and don’t soak in any kind of water such as bathtubs, oceans, lakes, or swimming pools.

While these help prevent scabbing and scarring, these also help keeping away from potential infections.


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