5 Stomach Tattoo Ideas to Get Inked This Season

Whether it is about a beach holiday or a party, showing off your new stomach tattoo is never out of trend. These inked designs are more than gorgeous. Above all, these are perfect to flaunt your passion for body art. 

Both men and women alike enjoy designing this area. However, women seem to be crazier for them. Especially, when they want to design the area of your upper stomach, they prefer this style. Stomach serves to be a perfect spot as the artist can go bigger in size. And now there is a wide range of designs available. 

Stomach tattoo design

Here are some of the best tattoo ideas to ink your belly:

1. Anchors: These have been used to keep a ship in one place. They have a very deep meaning. As they sink deep in the ocean, these serve to be a symbol of endurance, stability, and ability to keep things together. 

2. Dream catcher: It is a new addition to the list. Dream catcher tattoos look cool on your stomach. The artist will get enough space to show his creativity. And also it protects you from evil spirits all the time. 

3. Big flowers: Why not go out of the box and try a classy flower design? Preferably, you can choose the one which covers the entire belly area. Here you need to know that there are chances that you won’t be able to get it done in one sitting. But seriously, it is worth your patience. 

4. Fearful skulls: When you want a tough and scary design, you can opt for skulls. This can be a cool way to show another side of yours. A tough looking ink design is something you cannot resist to have. 

5. Quotes for love: Want to express your love for someone? No, you don’t need to get their names inked over. It sounds to be pretty old, right? Instead you can go for that one quote which says it all. And even if not love, you can pick a quote which serves to be your life motto. There is no harm in sharing it with the world. 

All of these will look amazing on your stomach area. It is just that you need to look for an expert artist to paint your body the right way. Also you need to understand that there are some tattoo shapes and designs which may not fit your personality. For this, it is best if you consult with your artist in advance. 

Then there is another concern with stomach tattoos. In fact, it is with all forms of tattooing. Yes, you guessed it right! Pain is one of those factors which cannot be overlooked. And if you are someone with lower level of threshold, you can switch to a topical anesthetic cream like Numbskin. This cream contains 5% liodcaine, a numbing agent. So when you apply this cream to your skin, it blocks the pain signals ideally. In short, it desensitizes your skin and makes it a painless process. 

So whether you want to have big flowers or a small anchor, you can use this numbing solution to stay pain free. 

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