5 Tattoo Styles Which Fit Your Tastes Ideally

Summary: It becomes much easier to find a perfect tattoo when you know the different styles available. Hence, if you are also looking for what’s available out there, you have landed right. Check out here 5 trending styles which are more likely to match your taste!

Are you in the process of finding a cool tattoo style for your body?

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Tattoo artworks have been in the trend for years. And in case, you are also planning to express your style with body art, tattooing makes a good choice. Now clear about the choices? Not a problem! Here you will get a better idea of choosing the best tattoo style for you. Hence, if you have been running into confusion, for a number of designs or artwork, look for these five major trending styles.


The love for these two colors is never out of trend. And as the name implies, these are inked in black and gray tones only. Basically, the style was originated in the 1970s in the Chicano communities of East LA. Till date, it is a perfect way for performing realistic images in shades of gray, usually created by watering down black ink to create the spectrum. Nowadays, these are being opted to create some 3-D effect without using color.


This one is not too old! It was created by Volko Merschky and Simone Pfaff in 2014, and Realistic Trash Polka resembles a collage-like structure with mixed design elements. As far as the elements are concerned, these can vary from surreal and abstract to geometric and traditional. So, you can pick large, bold blocks of red and black ink, and get a unique tattoo design.


If you love Asian themed tattoos, then Japanese style tattoo which consists of large images will be great. These will be covering your back, arms, and legs usually. And the main items includes are dragons, koi carps, cherry blossoms, geishas, lotus flowers, etc. The best part about these types of tattoos is that these are incredibly detailed. Plus, if you wish to create something unique, you can also try out them with traditional style or new school twist.


The name arrives from the way these tattoos are made. Actually, the stick-n-poke is a form of body art which is done using only one needle. It enables one to create simple designs with bold and thick lines. Often it is done with black ink to make small decorative patterns.


When it comes to tattoos which adapt to the unique flow of an individual’s body, or mimicking machines, or alien-like things, biomechanical designs is the answer. These can be hidden within the skin. For those who are a hardcore sci-fi or industrial tattoo-type lover, these are made for you.

Now once you have decided what you want to get a tattoo, there are several other things to consider. It includes picking the right design size, choosing the right part of the body to place your masterpiece, and yes, preparing for pain.

Is tattooing painful?

This is the most frequently asked question. And the answer is YES; it is painful. But you don’t need to worry about this. Thankfully, there are numbing solutions like Dr. Numb which comes with 5% lidocaine. Being a topical anesthetic and FDA approved cream, it is safe to apply and can be bought over the counter. You have to apply it 45 minutes before your tattooing session and the process becomes painless.

So, get your favorite tattoo inked and flaunt it the way you want!

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