5 Ways To Stop A New Piercing From Itching

Are you considering a new piercing? 

With more and more people getting body pierced for different reasons, it has turned out into a very form of popular body modifications. But just that piercing is famous doesn’t make a reason to get it done. Yes, you need to be prepared for it. 

Nose piercing

There are many problems concerned with piecing, and one of them is – itching. It is possible to suffer relentless itching after you get your body pierced.  And there are chances that it doesn’t go away. Certainly, it is a part of the healing process, but when it gets annoying, you definitely need to look for a solution. Thankfully, there are many ways to reduce the same. Have a look:

Put On Right Jewelry:

Sometimes it might not be the piercing which causes problem, but it can be the jewelry which is causing a reaction to your skin. This is a common case if you are choosing a wrong jewelry metal. There are some metals which can cause an allergic reaction to your skin. It is therefore required to choose non-toxic metals which typically don’t cause any problems. The list includes titanium, surgical steel, and 14-karat yellow gold. Hence, for a new piercing you can try jewelry made from one of these.

Let It Breathe:

You need to understand that new piercing needs oxygen to heal properly. For this you must avoid keeping it covered to prevent itchiness. Actually, if you have clothing which covers your piercing, or it sticks to your skin, it can cause irritation. So simply keep tight fitting clothes at bay. It will only make the problems worse.

Keep Your Piercing Clean:

This is nothing new but really important. You must keep your new piercing as clean as you can. This is not only helpful in preventing itch but also infection. You can consider your new piercing as an open wound. So this makes much easier for the bacteria to get into your body, leading to infections. It is essential to avoid touching the piercing. Plus, you need to handle the jewelry very carefully. You can ask your piercer to advice you a cleaning solution. This has to be applied to the piercing every time you need to clean it. The cleaning solution shouldn’t include alcohol. And also avoid overdoing the same. 

Apply a Numbing Cream: 

Usually it is due to dryness of your skin near the pierced area which causes itching sensation. You can combat the same applying an antibiotic ointment or a natural moisturizer. But if still the piercing tends to be itchy, and it becomes difficult to curb down the urge to scratch, you must look forward to numbing solution. You can make it itch-free using a product like NumbSkin Topical Anesthetic Cream. It is a perfect ointment with antibacterial properties. Application of the same will make it easier for you as it blocks the itch signals. It comes with 5% lidocaine, which is a numbing agent. 

And don’t worry for how to purchase a NumbSkin cream. It is easily available at the nearest medical shop or you can place your orders online without doctor’s prescription. 

Consult an Expert:

In case, there are some other uncommon symptoms like flow of pus, or you’ve exhausted every other possible solution with itching, you must seek a doctor. Firstly, you can schedule an appointment with your piercer, and if not satisfied, talk to your physician. 

Never delay the things. The infection can be problematic if overlooked. 

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