6 Classic Tattoo Styles You Need To Know

Tattoos are turning more popular and acceptable. Definitely, it is not a new form of art. Do you know the oldest discovery of tattooed human was found on the body of Ötzi the Iceman? It was done somewhere to between 3370 and 3100 BC

Gradually, tattoos started to become a more accepted and a modern art form. Now the techniques and styles are evolving. Probably there would be thousands of tattoos styles, created by the talented artists across the world every day. But there is something more amazing about the classical tattoos, isn’t it? 

Checkout some of the most gorgeous styles here:

1. Classic Americana:

Classic americana tattoo

Being one of the first kinds of tattoos, these come with that old-school style defined by bold outlines. This style became famous due to the Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins in the 1930s. Since then it has been a consistent choice till today. These will consist of similar colors and imagery. Usually, these are closely linked to the ocean and nautical imagery. Some of the best combinations will include fierce predatory animals, pinup female figures, hearts, roses, and daggers.

2. Blackwork:

skull triangle blackwork mens half sleeve tattoos

This one was originally derived from the original tribal tattoos. In the early days, it was made of thick and bold black lines. People got them done in a variety of geometric shapes. Even today artists continue to take this genre to new levels. However, these are now incorporated with different patterns and imageries, derived from all sorts of sources. So you will be getting some mesmerizing pieces swirling in different forms around the body. 

3. Script or Text Tattoos:

Script Tattoo

This is quite common. You can have lettering and word tattoos done. These can be very meaningful, and you can use them to express your feelings exactly, make a statement, or just be wacky, whatever you like. Usually, people love swirly, gothic, and intricate fonts are a loved. However, there is no limit to what font a script tattoo you use.

4. Tribal:

Tribal Tattoo Designs

Let’s get back to the oldest tattoo style. This one has been ruling from the ancient times and it continues with the same. It is majorly preferred in black color with those symmetry and geometrical designs. Today you can go for those un-detailed patterns with block black lines. Or make use of delicate details and precision. It totally depends on a good artist who will carefully design a creative piece for your skin, complimenting the shape of your body. 

5. Water colour:

Amazing Watercolor Flowers Tattoo On Forearm

Nowadays it is very popular and all thanks to the way it mimics an experimental artistic process. The artist will be using splashes and streaks of colour, leading to the impression of paint. The water color effect encompasses of the design with no line-work or other styles. It can also include solid outlines, especially for the background or foreground of your tattoo. Usually, in this case bright colours are used and themes of nature are preferred. 

6. Realistic Tattoos:

Realistic Tattoos

The logic behind their name is that they look exactly like they would appear in real life. It can be a skull, a rose, a butterfly, or even a portrait of loved one, realistic tattoos are a fine art skill and look like photograph on the skin. If you wish to get good result, it’s important to have an excellent photo reference and choose a skilled tattoo artist.

So what are your favorite tattoo design styles ? Show us in the comments section below !

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