6 Facts about Laser Removal – Eliminating Unwanted Hair Permanently

Women want their skin to look flawless and hairless. If you have been wondering how to get clean skin, get lowdown on laser hair removal. Find out some interesting facts about this so called permanent solution to pesky hair growth.

6 Facts about Laser Removal – Eliminating Unwanted Hair Permanently

Do you need a permanent solution for the unwanted hair? Are you fed up of visiting your parlor over and over again for waxing? Then definitely, you might have come across the term- laser hair removal, isn’t it?

As far as Laser technology is considered, it has proved to be immensely beneficial for human beings. With the passage of time, it has evolved to become the center of attention in the world of science and medicine. And seriously, one of the great benefits delivered by laser treatment is a permanent hair reduction.

Check out some must know facts about the process here:

Distance from sun is mandatory!

Before your appointment, at least four weeks before, make sure you start maintaining a good distance from the sunlight. Reason being, the treatment will fail if you have sunburned skin. Even if you have a tan, the process will not give the desired results. Hence, it is said that summer might not be the best time to start with laser hair removal.

A test patch on your skin is essential!

If your physician asks you to get a test patch on your skin at your first appointment, don’t worry, it is important. Actually, the truth is that not everyone’s skin is ready to deal with cosmetic laser treatments. There are several pigment problems, discoloration, and scarring issues which can occur with some skin types. Hence, it is advised to allow your physician to conduct a small test patch first.

It is not the same for everyone!

This treatment, which employs usage of a cosmetic laser, is not the same for everyone. It doesn’t mean that anyone can get it done and the results will be similar. The settings have to be adjusted for both skin and hair type. Actually, the laser is set to fire a concentrated beam of light which is directed at the pigment in the hair follicles, meant to kill the follicle at its root. So, it will differ from person to person.

Shaving the area before laser is required!

Don’t with your hairy self. It is not similar to the traditional process such as waxing, where you don’t you can go with well grown unwanted hair. Reason is simple, the laser is meant to target the pigment of your hair follicle. The best thing to do is shave just a day before your appointment.

It will take time!

Remember, laser hair removal will not automatically make your skin silky smooth just after your first treatment. Keeping such hopes is not a good idea. There are many factors affecting the number of sessions. Generally, it takes between five to six sessions of laser hair removal to get phenomenal results.

A full-body laser hair removal appointment is never true!

Don’t get enticed by those advertisements stating ‘RUN FAST FOR FULL BODY LASER’. Reason being there is only a certain amount of cosmetic laser light and heat which your body can absorb. There are many body parts for which you cannot get a laser hair removal done. Like, near the eyes! It might look all pretty and innocent, but it can be seriously dangerous around the eyes.

So, be wise and get best use of this treatment. And if pain is the factor which makes you step away, don’t worry. Trust on Numb Skin. Being one of the best local anesthetic creams, it is perfect for all sorts of dermal process, including laser. Buy it today. 

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