7 Major Do’s and Don’ts for Belly Button Piercing

Finally decided to take the plunge and get your dream piercing?

Belly buttons are quite popular these days. These are also termed as navel piercings. While they seem to a low-risk and highly fashionable piece of jewelry, this form of piercing extends through the upper edge of the belly button. A curved barbell-style jewelry piece is usually worn and which appears to be a button fixed into your belly. 

Belly button piercing

Though experts believe it to be a comparatively safe piercing, yet when you are going for it, you need that there are some risks to be considered. 

What are the main dangers of belly button piercings? 

As far as the major risks are known, these include bacterial infection, pain, scar tissue, excessive bleeding, nerve damage, and allergic reactions to the metal. This means if you decide to go ahead, you should be well-versed with all dos and don’ts.

Here are a few tips to care for your belly buttons:

1. DON’T scratch it!

Avoid scratching the new pierced sit as far as possible. If you are tempted too much, you can control the same using a topical anesthetic cream like Dr. Numb. It consists of 5% lidocaine, an active numbing agent which blocks the nerve endings. So your skin will be desensitized for somewhere around three to four hours. No itching, no pain. 

2. DO wash your hands before touching your piercing!

Yes, it has to be done every time. You can keep a separate bar of antibacterial soap and don’t let someone else use the same to wash their hands. It is the only way to keep safe from the bar soap which can be harbor to bacteria. You might also use a liquid, fragrance-free antibacterial soap. While liquids are easy to lather and clean, it will much less likely to be contaminated.

3. DON’T remove your jewelry! 

Unless your piercer asks you to do so, don’t remove the jewelry at all. It will not only allow the hole to close up, but also can make bacteria contaminate the jewelry or the piercing site. This is never desirable and can be problematic. 

If you want to change the jewelry, make sure to check your ball closure first. For this, use clean hands or a disposable clean paper product to touch it. If you are done with the healing, you are good to go. Else you will have to be little more patient.

4. DO clean your piercing!

The belly button has to be cleaned at least1 2-3 times a day. You can soak off any crusty material and avoid pulling off it. Else you will be damaging the healing tissue. Be very gentle while rotating the jewelry and let the soap enter the hole. You can rinse the same after a minute. 

5. DON’T get into water!

You have to keep it clean but do not go for swimming or sauna sessions. Just after you get a piercing done, it is important to avoid pools, bathtubs, and even standing water. These water bodies can be harbor to all sorts of bacteria. So say ‘no’ to swimming and let piercing heal. You can take slight showers only

6. DO keep your environ clean!

You have to clean your bedding frequently. For this, ensure that your sheets and blankets are kept clean. If you sleep on your stomach, unclean bed sheets can be a reason for infection. Similarly, you need to keep other stuff like cushions clean.

7. DON’T pick tight clothes!

You must choose clean and loose-fitting clothing and pajamas. Actually, wearing tight stuff can lead to rubbing and irritation which is horrible for new piercings. So pick some loose tops and low-cut, soft material pants. This will help avoid irritation. Also you can cover it with a hard ventilated eye patch to avoid scaring and infection.

With these you are all set to enjoy a newer and classier piece of art. Go for it!

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