9 Couple Tattoos to Put Your Feelings Into Ink

Want to tell someone how much you love them? Need to express your feelings?

There could be nothing more permanent way that getting a tattoo and saying it all. The words you speak out jut hover in the air and they vanish away. Whether you are a married couple or just in a new relationship, inking can be a great idea to express your feelings. Even giving the most romantic gesture cannot meet the grace of having couple tattoo. 

Yes, couple tattoo- a way to say it to each other, and the world, altogether. As far as love declarations are concerned, nothing works better than this idea. So if you wish to confess your love but don’t have any clear ideas of what to get, here is something to help. 

Using these ideas you can put your sentiments into creativity and let the artistic vision come out with something more crazy and lovable. Checkout some of the most amazing couple tattoos:

1. Pull at Those Heartstrings: When you wish to express that you pull at each other’s heart strings, this one can be a good choice. It is classy as well as simple.

2. Stag and Doe: If you want a minimalist design, you can make the best couple tattoo with this one. Having a stag and a doe portrays the message to ‘always protect’. Isn’t it adorable and meaningful? 

3. The Princess and the Plumber: If you both are video game lover, these two could be possibly the most famous idea. While it makes a lot of sense, these signify the infinite love and madness. Being a gaming pair, Peach and Mario are the ideal choice to get a tattoo designed. 

4. The Guiding Light: The way ships count on lighthouses for guiding them to land, you trust on each other to reach the new heights of success. So this could be another couple tattoo idea. The best part is that it isn’t widely used. This means you search for something unique and meaningful ends here. 

5. Mouse Match Made in Heaven: You might have adored the cutest mouse couple of Mickey and Minnie in your childhood. Everyone knows and loves the way these two feel for each other. You can use them in a tattoo and give a direct indication that you’re together. 

6. Under Lock and Key: These clichés are known for different meanings. If you feel that your partner is your missing puzzle piece, you can take it one step further by combining with the lock and key analogy. 

7. Even After Death: This one is not merely your typical design for couple tattoo. But this will cover everything required. The artist needs to be super creative, and you will be able to enjoy a tattoo which is immortal. 

8. Beauty and the Beast: Remember the classic Disney love story? So, if you have found the Beast to your Beauty and want the whole world to know it, go for it right away. 

9. Interdimensional Couple: It is one of the coolest couple tattoos. While the little guy starts on his arm, it will be transported onto her arm via a portal. So it is a really creative.

While there are no limits to what kind of couple tattoo designs you have, it is worth understanding that these can be little painful too. For this you must consider buying a numbing solution like NumbSkin cream in advance. It comes with 5% lidocaine and is perfect to block your pain signals. Hence, you need to not suffer and can get tattooed.

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