9 Meaningful Tattoos for Women Who Love Body Art

Nowadays more and more women desire to wear tattoos. This form of body art has been very famous over the decades. While everyone have their own reasons to get a tattoo, however, these are best known to make your body more appealing. 

So, if lovely ladies, you wish to get inked with a meaningful artwork, you need to pick a good tattoo design. You will have a long list of ideas. It can be quite challenging to find a perfect one. The best thing you can do is choose tattoos with some meaning. Yes, don’t go merely for the appearance of your tattoos. These have to say something, they have to be meaningful. 

Need some tattoo ideas with special meaning to express? Here is an exclusive list created for females who are fond of purposeful tattoos. Have a look:

1. Sun and Moon:

Sun moon tattoo design

While the sun is associated eternal renewal and hope, the moon represents feminine mystique and power. So you can have the crescent moon design to come out with a very cute tattoo which can be worn on the shoulder, the wrist, or the neck. The other way out is using the half sun and half moon to form a classy piece. It is also known to represent a working balance between the two opposite forces.

2. Crown:

Crown tattoo design

Every woman is a queen in herself. So having a crown makes sense, right? Besides, it is has been known as a symbol of royalty and authority. Having a crown tattooed reaffirms the wearer’s leadership and also it serves to be a reminder to the wearer that she is a need to lead, not follow.

3. Rose:

Rose tattoo design

Symbolizing love, femininity, and beauty, rose has been associated with several other meanings. While these flowers are stunningly beautiful, these comes with thorns which are a profound reminder that even pretty thing has a strong base. 

4. Heart:

small heart tattoo

These are generally dedicated to a loved one and serve to be a lifelong memory. If you want to have a really romantic heart tattoo, you can try a heart and key. This amazing blend illustrates the importance of keeping your heart protected, meanwhile letting one special person to rule it forever. 

5. Stars:

Star tattoo design

The best thing about star tattoos is that these can be done for many meanings, designed in different ways, and are adaptable to everyone’s taste. So you can go for a trail of stars, which is a very popular design among girls. They love to get the stars wrapped around ankle and foot. 

6. Butterfly:

Butterfly tattoo design

This beautiful insect represents transformation, beauty, and change. You can get it in any size and at any place. 

7. Dandelion:


Known as the flower that makes wishes comes true, dandelion tattoo is certainly associated with wishes and dreams. If you believe in power of dreams, you will love this one.  

8. Bow:

Bow tattoo design

When you need a super girly design, you can get a bow tie. It is more than just a cute tattoo idea as it sends the message that there is something special under the wraps. So those who need to know the real you must be willing to peel away that wrap. Along this, bow ties are also known to represent the way to move forward as tying of a bow is associated linked with the phrase – tying up loose ends.

You can choose any of these. They promise you an endearing appearance in true sense. 

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