A Story That Can Help You To Take A Good Care Of Your Tattoo

An investment of time, money and thorough research act as a pillar of a healthy tattoo. But the main task starts with the inking process and the command lies entirely in your hand.

You undergo many procedures before getting a tattoo: choosing a design, discussions with tattoo artist and then make an appointment. The tattoo artist performs his job and provides you with the best results possible. Your job starts as soon as you step out of the tattoo salon. The advice of the tattoo artist mixed with the effective ways to treat your new tattoo ends in gifting you a tattoo for a lifetime.

A Story That Can Help You To Take A Good Care

One of our customers shared his story on treating a new tattoo which is worth giving a read:

The journey from first to the second tattoo

Tattoos have been part of my life since I turned 18. When I was 10 years old, I saw my dad getting himself inked and since then that tattoo ink always fascinated me. My pet question to my parents was always: When can I get a tattoo?

Four months in prior to my 18th birthday, I started to research for my first ever tattoo. I was so excited about it that I met with a tattoo artist, chose the design and booked an appointment with him in 1.5 months advance.

The day I turned 18, in evening I went to get my first ever tattoo saying: ‘Love you Dad’ and I just loved every inch of it. However, in this excitement somewhere I was not able to thoroughly research on the aftercare of the tattoo.

I used the aftercare ointment provided by the tattoo artist but somehow my tattoo didn’t meet my expectations. I was happy and sad at the same time, happy because of my first tattoo with my dad on it and sad because of the ineffective output of the tattoo. I started to love my tattoo, the way it was but the feeling of perfection was missing.

I spent one year with my tattoo and my dad’s birthday was approaching. I was wondering about the gift I can give to him. Suddenly an idea popped up in mind of getting a tattoo of his signature on my wrist. I know, for him this would have been the best gift ever.

I changed the tattoo artist this time and after my thorough research and feedbacks, I met a tattoo artist named Joe who helped me modifying the tattoo design in the perfect way ever. Taking into consideration the experience I witnessed during the previous inking, I took lots of precautions in prior this time.

Tattoo artist advised me to use Numb Skin ointment for the pain-free inking process and this numbing cream was a lot of relief to me. The process became painless and the design was just wow. This time I already had researched about aftercare of my tattoo and tattoo artist apart from giving aftercare ointment gave me an advice that was very effective and in the budget. He asked me to use TEA TREE OIL on my tattoo till it gets properly healed. I wondered how tea tree oil can be beneficial in healing my tattoo.

But I remained strong and disciplined with my tattoo artist advice and used tea tree oil 3 times in a day on my affected area. No doubt it was a treat for my new tattoo and healed it effectively but it also helped me to avoid the itchy skin. The healing process of tattoo became so smooth and the end result was pitched perfectly. The shine and looks of tattoo made me fall in love it.

Thanks to the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties of tea tree oil which helped to keep my tattooed area moisturized and away from all the infections thereby giving the perfect results. It is a much-recommended home remedy, more effective than any other expensive creams applied on the affected area for healing purpose.

Hopefully, this story might help you to go ahead for Tea Tree Oil for aftercare of your tattoo.

 Do share your story with us if you have any good experience with your tattoo too.

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