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Body art is highly in trend these days. People love to go for different things. But, when it comes to a tattoo, things become extreme. Earlier they were popular among celebrities, but now everyone wants to get a tattoo and that too the most exclusive design.  Tattoo They say, ‘pain is a pleasure’. It might […]

It becomes much easier to find a perfect tattoo when you know the different styles available. Hence, if you are also looking for what’s available out there, you have landed right. Check out the types of tattoos people are getting into these days.   The most common notion for the person who is getting a […]

There are many forms of tattoos famous these days. But the one on your thighs look really amazing. Here is a list of designs you can give a try.  When it comes to the most famous body art, tattooing is surely a popular choice. In fact, it is more common among the young generation, i.e. […]

If tattoo blowout sounds to be a new thing, you have landed right. Here is everything answered you wish to know about a blowout.  Have you recently noticed smudged ink, blurry lines, or the tattooed area has started appearing blotchy? If yes, then you are suspected to a TATOO BLOWOUT.  In many case, it has […]