Want to do something different in your engagement? If yes, how about picking an option of making tattoos! Check out some exclusive tattoo ideas for this season. It is generally said- diamonds are forever! But, what if your diamond gets out of your ring or your ring falls from your finger without letting you know? […]

Short tattoo quotes have their own beauty. But some people prefer long tattoo quotes as they are more deep, more explaining and engaging as well. They are usually 3-4 sentences long, requiring the large parts like back, chest, thighs and wrists (sometimes depending on the font size). Image Credit: Ciaobellabody.com There are many mind blowing […]

In our previous article we talked about an ideal diet chart for people in their 20s. And in this article, the diet of people in their 30s and 40s is elaborated. A well-balanced diet is need of an hour and must incorporate everyone’s daily routine. A well-balanced diet provides all of the:  • Energy you […]

Have it been a hindrance full of a look on the mirror reflection of yours, or somehow the mark given by almighty has been bugging you. The birthmarks were given to you, not by choice, and you have the least control over it. The magical part about it, it grew with time. The American Academy […]

“That tattoo I so wanted on my body but what to do, I can’t even get the vaccines without shouting like a crying witch in the haunted house”,(oops) maybe this is the extreme situation but it is true that there are so many aspirants for getting tattoos on their body. They are even willing to […]

This article is a continuation to FAQs on Tattoos: Everything You Need to Know about Tattooing Part: I; let’s get down to the lane of frequently asked questions that you might come across before getting a tattoo.  1. What can I do to prepare for my tattoo? There is a lot to do in this […]

It is very natural to get questions in your mind before getting a tattoo. It is good if you one f them who think before acting. As the nature of tattoos are “PERMANENT” and you cannot revoke it. You must acknowledge the fact that tattoos are known as a body modification and thus planning and […]

In the recent years, tattoo art has become highly popular. Just like the other areas such as graphic design, web and app design, the typography has a greater influence when it comes to tattoo designs. Nowadays there are hundreds of tattoo typefaces available online but selecting the best of them is definitely not an easy […]