Can Numbing Cream Provide Instant Relief from Rectal Pain?

Are you suffering from anorectal disorders like fistulas, tears, hemorrhoids, and abscesses? These conditions lead to bleeding, burning sensation and discharging of pus from rectal area, particularly during your bowel movement. Can numbing cream provide instant relief? Learn Here.

Can Numbing Cream Provide Instant Relief from Rectal Pain?

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The term anorectal disorder is commonly used for the conditions like tears, fistulas, hemorrhoids and abscesses affecting the anal region. These conditions lead to itchiness, burning sensation, blood, swelling in and around the rectum and anus. Luckily, most of these disorders are diagnosed and treated by primary care physicians if the patient is not suffering from HIV (in this case, he or she may require a surgery).

It is embarrassing for many people to talk about the anorectal disorders, even to their physician. Anorectal disorders can lead to serious complications if remain untreated.

Anorectal Conditions Cause Pain and Burning Sensation:

It is totally normal to have pain and burning sensations in anorectal disorders. These symptoms may also come with bleeding. Anal fissures are said to be chronic if left untreated. Fistula, another major anorectal disorder, has the signs like pain, redness and blood discharge around the anus. Hemorrhoid also causes pain and burning sensation due to the swollen vein in anus and rectum.

What Does Treatment Include?

A physician may use wide range of treatment for anorectal disorders, from antibiotics, rubber band ligation to topical medications. He or she may also recommend you anorectal cream or protective coating to be applied over inflamed tissues.

Can Numbing Cream Provide Instant Relief from Anorectal Pain?

Numbing cream is unconventional yet workable remedy for aggravated anorectal pain. For example, sometime medications fail to provide quick relief when you are urgently seeking it (before your public appearance or social settings like parties). This is why numbing cream is a great help. It is a local anesthetic that dulls the pain receptors temporarily. Numbing cream is widely used to suppress the pain occurring in tattooing, piercing and surgical incisions.

Which is the Best Numbing Cream for Anorectal Disorders?

An ideal numbing cream contains 5% lidocaine which makes it effective to keep the skin desensitized for longer. Also check the reviews and talk to dermatologist. NumbSkin is one of the popular and safe numbing creams for anorectal disorders.

Directions to Use Numbing Cream for Anorectal Disorders:

  • Use soap and water to wash the anorectal area
  • Pat with toilet tissue or soft cloth to make the area dry
  • Use finger cots or surgical gloves to apply a numbing cream to the affected area. If you are using bare fingers, make sure to wash your hands and trim the nails before application.
  • Repeat the process after every bowel movement and bathing up to 6 times a day until you see improvement.

See your physician if the symptoms persist.

Precautions While Using Numbing Cream for Anorectal Disorders:

  • Discontinue the use and see your physician if there is no improvement.
  • See your physician if rectal bleeding occurs or condition worsens.
  • Stop the use of the cream if you experience allergy or burning sensation.
  • Use numbing cream on intact skin only. Avoid it applying to wounds and broken skin inside the rectum.
  • Don’t use the cream if you are pregnant or breast feeding.
  • You may experience irritation with a numbing cream. If it continues, ask your physician.
  • Always clean the area with mild soap and water before applying the cream.

So, this was all about how numbing cream soothes your anorectal pain. However, the cream only provides you temporary relief. It shouldn’t be looked as a complete treatment for anorectal disorder. Make sure to have your condition checked to avoid complications.




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