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Finally decided to take the plunge and get your dream piercing? Belly buttons are quite popular these days. These are also termed as navel piercings. While they seem to a low-risk and highly fashionable piece of jewelry, this form of piercing extends through the upper edge of the belly button. A curved barbell-style jewelry piece […]

Taking care of your belly button piercing is important as it is vulnerable to infections and other complications. Learn here what you need to avoid after getting navel piercing. Belly button or navel piercing adds to your style. However, you should be careful after getting a belly button piercing. In other words, you should take […]

Are you thinking to get your belly button pierced for wearing funky belly rings? If yes, then you must know that before deciding on to pierce, you should remember certain tips for safe and comfortable body piercing. The piercing Jewelry tradition has been famous since way back. We run over histories, where body piercing and […]

Without a doubt, navel piercing has become one of the trendiest options when it comes to expressing oneself with body art. Being little less traumatic than the rest of the perforations, including that on lips, breast and genitals parts, it fetched the right style statement. Learn some major details here. The world of fashion seeks […]

Youngsters seem to be crazy about belly button piercings. Being trendy option, it simply makes them flaunt and make their fashion statement. But before you get a belly button done, make sure you are well-versed with the risks. Learn here. Do you know there was a time when belly button piercing was unacceptable in the […]