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Are you suffering from anorectal disorders like fistulas, tears, hemorrhoids, and abscesses? These conditions lead to bleeding, burning sensation and discharging of pus from rectal area, particularly during your bowel movement. Can numbing cream provide instant relief? Learn Here. Image Credits: The term anorectal disorder is commonly used for the conditions like tears, fistulas, […]

Numbing creams are a topical anesthetic product that are used to reduce the pain of minor procedure like electrolysis, tattooing, immunizationand muscle pain.Numbing creams are available in the form of cream, gel or spray. It contains lidocaine, benzocaine, prilociane and tetracaine. Lidocaine is the main ingredient of numbingcream that temporarily deadens the nerves by blocking […]

How to use numbing cream for piercing? What are the precautions? What is a right percentage of numbing cream for piercing?   Why people get pierced? One of the major reasons is that piercing enhances one’s style. Piercing is the part of the rituals or culture. In some nations, piercing is the sign of attaining […]

Learn here how to use numbing cream for minor burns.   Burn is a common household injury caused by radiation, touching hot surfaces, chemicals, electricity, friction, and heat. Even a minor burn causes pain and tingling sensation and leaves a scar over your skin. It is quite obvious to reach for a skin cream or […]