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Some say tattoos are like stores and symbolic of the important life moments. Some opine that tattoos stand for self-discovery. Some associate tattoo with prison culture. Well, these are thoughts of celebrities, authors and iconic people over tattoos. Pic Credit:-   Here we have compiled such interesting thoughts about tattooing. “Tattoos are like stories – they’re […]

Topical anesthetics are used to reduce pain occur in body modification and dermal processes. Here we have listed the various types of topical anesthetics.   Topical anesthetics are widely used by people to ease pain and discomfort occurring during tattooing. They dull the pain receptors underneath the skin so that they can’t send pain signals […]

The small heart tattoo design is an exceptionally prevalent design. Small heart tattoos are especially prominent with ladies who are searching for something else than stars, flowers, dragons, and other traditional tattoo designs. Heart tattoos combinations! The tattoo design need not be restricted to just the heart itself. For those who are searching for a […]