Enjoy the style of nose piercing to stand in Vogue!

In the East Asia nose piercing is not only in fashion, but it’s associated with traditional practice also. If we talk about the rest of the world, nose piercing continues to evolve in stunning ways. It has become the coolest fashion trend, even Hollywood celebrities are also influenced by nose piercing, and this fashion is not onlytrendy among women, butalso male stars like Zayn Malik and Chris Brown.

Enjoy the style of nose piercing to stand in Vogue!

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There are several types of nose piercings for instance septum piercing, high nostril piercing, bridge piercing, vertical tip piercing, septril piercing etc. In reality the culture of nose piercing is widespread. Here are some basic nose piercing styles.

Septum piercing

It is trendy type of piercing in the fashion industry. It is done on the cartilage division of the nostrils.

Bridge piercing

The piercing is done through the nose, usually directly between the eyes.

High nostril

It is kind of unique piercing that is done on the high portion of the nostrils.

Vertical tip

Vertical tip piercing, as the name suggests, is done vertically on the tip of the nose.

Septril piercing

This is the combination of the septum and half vertical tip. This is a little complicated and delicate procedure. For this type of piercing you will need an expert.

Austin bar piercing

It is one of the rare piercings. In this piercing piece of a bar passes through the top of nose tip. It almost takes two to three months for the healing process after the piercing.

Nasallang piercing

It is the most intense type of piercing. Nasallangpiercing gets in both the nostrils of a person. Straight barbell is used in the Nasallang piercing.

After care


The after care of nose piercing is very important, as it takes approximately 8-10 days to cure. Here are some best tips which will help you in healing your nose piercing.

Clean your pierced area daily

The pierced area should be thoroughly cleansed twice a day with sterilized cotton swabs. While if your piercing is infected, it should be treated only with antiseptic soap or creams.

Use salt water

Salt water is the simplest way to clean your piercing area. You can make the solution at home. Take ¼ teaspoon of non-iodizes sea salt and dissolve it in cup of water. After that dip cotton ball in it and clean the area.

Don’t touch the pierced area

When the pierced area is about to heal, it will be little itchy, but don’t touch the area or it will get infected again.

Lavender oil

You can apply lavender oil on a pierced area, it will help reduce redness and pain. Lavender oil has the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal propertieswhich will soothe your wound quickly andeffectively.

Vitamin B

Take supplements that are good in vitamin B and zinc. They will help in healingthe process.

Don’t remove the nose ring

Until the pierced area is fully healed don’t remove or touch nose ring or stud, otherwise it can cause inflammation or pain.

Keep your sleeping area clean

Dirty bedsheet, pillow or blanket are home forbacteria. So change your bedding daily.

Avoid baths in swimming pools

Taking bath in open swimming pool and hot water tubs can leads to infection. If you have no other choice you can cover your pierced area with water proof bandage.

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