Go in for permanent hair removal for face and body and get a smooth skin

Every woman wants to get rid of unwanted hair, and there are several methods which can help. Laser hair removal andelectrolysis are the most significant procedures. Laser and electrolysis arefamousbecause in these the laser pluses destroy the hair follicle. Laser and electrolysis hair removal methods can be performed on any part of the body.

Go in for permanent hair removal for face and body and get a smooth skin

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Here are permanent hair removal procedures which can help you to remove unwanted hair from your body and face.

Laser hair removal method

It isone of the best waysto remove hair from face legs and other parts of the body. Laser can be targeted selectively on the dark hair of the area. In a fraction of seconds, laser can treat much hair at the same time. Small areas can be treated in less than a minute and areas like legs, arms and back will take maximum an hour. In most cases, this laser treatment has to be done more than once, after third session lasers treatment starts giving its result. There are some things that you should stop doing a few weeks before going for lasertreatmentthese may include plucking, waxing and tweezing. Also avoid going in the sun, six week before the laser procedure. Sun tanned skin makes laser less effective and creates complication in the treatment.

Advantage of laser hair removal

Laser is very effective in reducing the hair growth to the point where you can stop shaving at all. You can get it done on any part of the body. If you talk about pain, its equal to shaving and with the passage of times its gets less painful.


Laser hair removal is a time consuming process and it takes several sessions to complete. Generally, you have to wait forapproximately six weeks to see the results. It is an expensive one for instance for bikini waxing, it will cost around $200 to $400 per session. One more disadvantage of laser hair removal is that it works best on light skin with dark hair color.

Laser hair removal treatment should be done in presence of a trained technician; this reduces the chance of burns and scars on your skin.

Electrolysis method

It is done by a needle to deliver a short blast of electric current into the hair follicle. It’s said that it shows its result in permanent hair removal after few sessions.Electrolysis works for any type of hair and skin. 


The advantage of electrolysis is, it provides permanent results if it done by a professional, sadly there’s no way for youto do it on your own. It is less expensive than laser hair removal, and requires fewer follow-up visits. 


Electrolysis removes hair one at a time which makes it a very effective but time consuming process. There is a stinging sensation on each follicle that could be painful, though it woulddepend uponyour pain threshold.

The process is long, but it works best on smaller areas like the face, neck and underarms. You cannot do it at home, since it requires expertise and special devices. You will need multiple sessions to see the best results on any area. Electrolysis is a permanent procedure, providing excellent result after the treatment of few sessions.

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