Guys! Go in for small shoulder tattoos to depict your coolness

If you really wantto get a tattoo on your body, but not sure where it will look good, don’t worry. For men, tattoo is more like a cool status symbol, and shoulders are the best body part toshowit off.  Finding a good tattoo artist and choosing a good tattoo art should always be one of your priorities.

Guys! Go in for small shoulder tattoos to depict your coolness

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Tattoo is a permanent thing that will be on your skin forever. Although there are ways to remove it, but they are very expensive and time consuming. So always think before you get a tattoo. Shoulder tattoos are awesome for men, and have many benefits. They are easily visible, look attractive and depict your personality.

Types of shoulder tattoos

There are several tattoo styles that you can ink on your shoulder to show your coolness, some awesome example are as follows:

Round about

The roundabout tattoo is great designthat will look awesome on your shoulder. You can choose asmall tribal design that will cover your shoulder nicely over the muscle area. The advantage of this tattoo is,that it will merge well with your body line. A zodiac sign in the middle of your tattoo will also look cool.

Tribal tattoos for men tattoo tribal

Maori tattoo arm tribal tattoos

Text tattoo

A text tattoo is also a good option for your shoulder. The shoulder line is flat and wide, so for a text tattoo there will be plenty of room to write.You can go with any writing font with your favorite quote or lines about anything you relate yourself with.

Aesthetic mens shoulder fitness tattoo ideas

Shoulder tattoos men curved lettering

Eagle tattoo

Eagle is a symbol of focus, strength and courage, and it inspires people to achieve their goals in life. In many culture and philosophies it has different meanings, but all are somehow the same. The eagle tattoo on your shoulder can also inspire others, and it looks cool. Have a look.

About eagle top tattoos

Wing tattoo

It is one of the most popular shoulder tattoo of all time. Wing tattoo is related with some spiritual and inspirational meaning. Wings also signify freedom, speed and flight. If you are one of those persons who seeks freedom in life, you can have this tattoo on your shoulder.

Wings tattoo

Tribal tattoos

Tribal tattoos are super awesome and looks amazing on the shoulders. The dark lines and random patterns gives you a warrior-like look. These tattoos are simple yet stylish at the same time. It sweeps with the body lines and becomes a part of your skin.

Cool Forearm Tattoos for Men

Tribal tattoo designs

Mens tribal arm tattoos

Prismatic tattoos

These tattoos are full of colors and are becoming famous among youth, as well as elderly people. You can have these types of tattoos which can show the colorful side of your persona. Here are some awesome example of prismatic tattoos.

Baby tattoos swallow

Cool Shoulder Moon Tattoo Design

Skull tattoos

These tattoos are always trendy and looks awesome. Skull tattoos are good for shoulders and look hyper-realistic. The shading in skull tattoosmakes them dark and gothic.

Skull tattoo design skull tattoos

Celtic armor

This skin ripping tattoois cool and one of the best idea for yourshoulder area. This tattoo will look incredible, and you can also customize it according to your preferences. 


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