How Restore Fading Tattoo? Your Definitive Guide For Tattoo Restoration

While most tattoos tend to fade away at least over time, there is some that start fading much more than others. But why does it happen? If not taken care of, the tattoo may fade over time and look dull and unappealing. Let’s dig out some key factors that lead to tattoo fading.

Can Color Tattoos Fade?

Usually, watercolor and pastel-color tattoos tend to become dull quicker than others due to fact that these are much lighter and more delicate in coloring. However, colored inks have improved considerably in recent years. If a good quality tattoo ink is used, your colored tattoos can be prevented from fading for as long as decades.

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Can Black & Gray Tattoos Fade?

Just like color tattoos, even black and gray tattoos can face over time, if not taken proper care of.  While darker tattoos (especially the ones made with black ink) are more robust and can stand the test of time better than light color tattoos. However, they are still quite vulnerable to fading if made by an inexperienced tattoo artist who fails to put the ink deep enough into the skin.


What Are The Main Reasons For Tattoo Fading?

There are some common factors that make tattoos fade quicker. Some of these factors include:

Tattoo Placement

There are certain locations on our body where tattoos are likely to fade quicker than if placed on other areas. For instance, tattoos made in places like the palm of your hand, in-between the fingers and inner thighs/biceps are likely to fade quicker than other body parts.

Ink Quality

Another factor that contributes to the longevity of your tattoo is the “Ink Quality.” A tattoo made from low-quality ink components, or if it’s diluted too much by an inexperienced artist, will not be able to last longer compared to the one made from high quality and highly concentrated ink. Therefore, it is important that you do your research before getting a tattoo and only get it done by a professional and experienced tattoo artist.


You should also know that the lighter the ink, the faster it will fade. Therefore, dark-colored inks are preferred by many people, as well as artists. But due to advancements in different types of inks over the years, even light color inks are likely to stay on for the longer duration, provided you’ve used high-quality ink.


This stage is very important for your tattoo when it comes to fading. Your tattoo ink is not correctly set in the first couple of weeks, therefore you should care for the ink as best as you can.


Natural Remedies to Prevent Old Tattoo From Fading:

1. Petroleum Jelly:

The petroleum jelly is used for healing and usually, people stop applying it after their tattoo gets healed. But if you continue to apply it, your tattoos may not fade away easily.

2. Sunscreen Lotion:

Every tattoo artist suggests applying a sunscreen lotion to your tattoo before you head out in sun to protect your body ink from the harmful UV rays. This keeps the tattoo ink from fading away.

3. Lemon Scrub:

Lemon is an exfoliating agent that helps in keeping your tattoo bright. You can dilute lemon juice with rose water and massage it with a cotton ball on your tattoo for 5 minutes. Apply it twice a week for better results.

4. Massage:

To keep good blood circulation inside the tattoo skin cells, you may try massaging your tattoo twice a week with any essential oil.

5. Avoid Waxing On The Tattoo:

Waxing, threading, and hair removal cream is a strict “no-no” for your tattoo areas at least.

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