How to Achieve Painless Hair Removal

Your hair is 90% of your selfie. What if some unwanted hair poses out, thereby ruining your perfect selfie? Unwanted hairs have always been a concern for all the ladies. Removing them demands extra time and lot of efforts.

How to Achieve Painless Hair Removal

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Removal of hair is not only restricted to your beautification, but it also take care of your personal hygiene. Sweat along with foul smell is usually discovered when you raise your arms. So it becomes important to say them a good bye.

Why not giving some natural remedies a chance to get rid of those unwanted hairs in painless manner?

1. Papaya treatment

Raw papaya is a source of an enzyme called papin. As per the Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research (JMSCR), papin weakens the follicles of hair and prevent its re-growth if used regularly. Apart from removing your unwanted hair, it also smoothens and improves the surface of hair. This is the reason that papin is the main ingredient of many hair removal creams.

Crush the crude papaya to form glue and mix its 1-2 teaspoon with ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder. Apply the glue to the area where you need to get rid of the hair. Keep the glue for the period of 15 minutes and then wash it away.

2. Mask of egg to shed unwanted hairs

Egg whites are the perfect way to not only say a good bye to unwanted hairs but it also ensures those hair does not return.  Prepare an egg mask using egg white, sugar and corn flour. Beat them well and apply the paste over your skin layer with hair growth.

Sugar plays an important role of stickiness and corn flour gives it a thick, yet smooth consistency; making it perfect for depilation.

3. Lemon + Sugar- A lethal combination

It brings sleepless nights for unwanted hair when sugar and lemon shake hands. The mixture can be used in variety of ways.  Either prepare a hair removal pack or get a homemade wax out of it.

Combine one teaspoon of sugar, one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of lemon juice in a container. And heat the mixture. On heating, smooth glue will be formed. Mixing some amount of water is advisable if you think mixture is getting thick. Let the mixture get cool down and come to the room temperature. Apply corn starch or plain flour to your skin before application of this mixture. Apply the mixture with a spoon and cover the portion with the waxing strips and make an inverse effect to the bearing of hair development.

4.  Rose water and Alum remedy

To prepare this magical remedy, mix a spoon of alum powder with rose water, dipping a cotton ball in the solution. Apply the cotton ball on the area where you wish to remove your unwanted hair. Once the solution gets dry, apply it again and let it dry again. Then, wash it away and apply a moisturizer over the skin. Repeating the treatment twice a week will generate fruitful results.

Early in the morning an alarm rings and reminds you to wax off those extra hairs. Waxing does remove those unwanted hairs but they carry along a pain which sometimes become unbearable. As per Andy walker, an average a woman spends 7718 hours shaving and $10000 on shaving products in her lifetime.

Why not utilizing this time in effective way to treat your unwanted hairs? There are many ways to treat your unwanted hair. People are going ahead for laser treatment which may bear pain. It is advised to use some good numbing cream prior to treatment.

But switch to the remedies mentioned in the article before you go for any other treatment.






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