Ink Your Thighs with These 5 Tattoo Ideas – Flaunt Your Curvy Thighs

There are many forms of tattoos famous these days. But the one on your thighs look really amazing. Here is a list of designs you can give a try. 

When it comes to the most famous body art, tattooing is surely a popular choice. In fact, it is more common among the young generation, i.e. those between the age group 18-30.   

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Want to get a tattoo sooner or later? If yes, then you must look for a large canvas so that the artist gets enough space to show his creativity. Wondering which part of your body will be apt for this? 

Simply, you can place your tattoo on your thighs. These are in demand for last few years. Now the problem is, with so many designs and styles available, you might get puzzled which one to pick and which to drop. 

To simplify it for you, here are some ideas you can trust. 

Octopus Thigh Tattoo

Octupus Tattoo design on thigh

Do you fall in for more adventurous things? Then this will definitely amaze you. It is one of the most stunning tattoo styles ruling fashion world. It looks totally different than those typical female ideas. In case, you wish to go out of the box, then without wasting any time you can go with this tattoo. Offering you that carefree look, it will appear on your skin gracefully. 

Flying Birds and Flowers Thigh Tattoo

Flower Tattoo Design on Thigh

Both, birds and flowers, are linked to females in one way or the other. Just imagine how good they would appear together. Isn’t it? You will get attracted to these designs as soon as you see them. While these appear like a painting, these are incredible in every sense. This is something you cannot keep your eyes away from. 

Peacock Styled Thigh Tattoo

Peacock Tattoo design on thigh

Get inked in different colors all over your body. It appeals and looks very beautiful. And everyone adore peacock. If you wish to have so many colors around, you will be obsessed of getting inked. This can be a perfect choice for your body which enhances your beauty significantly.

Dream Catcher Thigh Tattoo

Dreamcatcher tattoo design on thigh

It is one of the most popular designs which have gained popularity in a very short time. Most of the girls opt for such tattoos as these are voguish and meaningful. Plus, these look great when you are dazzling on the beach. It features a new and a radiant look. 

Creative Thigh Tattoo

Creative tattoo design.jpg

Do you want a tattoo which not only add beauty to your appearance but also attract people? For this you can sit down with your artist and plan for something more creative. Yes, you can surely raise your bar and look for something more innovative yet a classic piece. 

Mermaid Thigh Tattoo

Mermaid tatoo design on thigh

Basically made for the teens who love tattooing, mermaid designs are fabulous. It hardly matters where you go, it will add charm to your persona everywhere. If not thighs, you can get it placed at your shoulder, wrist, ankle or any other skin part. These just look flawless. 

While the tattoos on thighs of females signify the feminine nature, you need to know that these can be little painful. Yes, large the tattoo more will be the pain. But that shouldn’t affect you much. You can easily skip off the pain using a topical anesthetic cream. There are lidocaine based solutions like NumbSkin cream which can help you get tattoos without any suffering.  Having 5% of lidocaine, a numbing agent, it can block the pain signals at the nerve ending. 

So, now you hardly need to worry for discomfort. Happy tattooing!

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