Let’s Dig the Reasons behind Getting Inked

Tattoos, since advent are in popularity and people with number of tattoos are increasing day by day. There are 14% of Americans with at least one tattoo. But do all the 14% people have some reason behind getting themselves inked? Getting a tattoo is a big decision because it will be part of your skin for entire lifetime, so one should have some solid reason for getting a tattoo.

Let’s Dig the Reasons behind Getting Inked

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Tattoos have been the victim of misunderstanding since invention. From being socially stigmatized to being banned in workplace, tattoos have never been in good books. But the purpose of tattoo entirely varies from person to person.

In this article we will find some probable reasons of people getting inked and this may change your opinion for them too.

1. A Tribute for the loved ones

Tattoos are source for many to honor their family and loved ones. There are many different ways people use to respect their loved ones: Using their handwriting turning it into a script tattoo, inking their face on skin or with quite that perfectly represent them. These days many other technologies have paved way to honor your loved ones; for instance, a soundwave tattoo can play the sound of your loved ones or DNA tattoos in which DNA of your beloved can be mixed with the ink.

2. To identify themselves

Tattoos carry your emotions in perfect way and present your personality in front of entire world in most explicit way possible. Many people get inked to reveal their personality and make them identify in front of others. There are many tattoo designs available to express yourself: Zodiac symbol tattoo, Hannya tattoos or any tattoo that design that relates with you and inspires you. A tattoo design representing your personality is a result of thorough discussions with tattoo artist.

3. A style Statement

Tattoos are ornaments for many people which they flaunt in public making a fashion statement. A unique tattoo design always attracts people and they praise it, either by words or by eyes. These days there are many unique tattoos available: white ink tattoos, DNA tattoos and Soundwave tattoos to express yourself in a unique manner and ornate your skin.

4. Prisons and Gangs

Prison tattoos and designs are famous amongst gang members as sign of authority amongst one another on street. These are the darker sides of tattoo industry but are famous amongst the gangsters and their group members.

5. Covering deformity of skin

Cover up tattoos is used by the brave people to either reveal their handicapped part in humor or covering up a scar tissue. For example a person met with accident lost his arm, so he decided to get a tattoo of the shape of car on his arm. Adding humor to such an unfortunate tragedy can help to improve the appearance of the body and boosting up the confidence.

There are many other reasons of people getting a tattoo but one thing is inevitable: Tattoos are permanent. One require a lot of mental strength and guts to ink them so creating a negative image of them in the first instance will be too rude, instead understand the reason of their tattoo and praise them. Many people think to get a tattoo but not much get a tattoo.

The pain is reason for many people to avoid getting a tattoo. If pain is the only reason behind ditching an idea to get a tattoo, then we can help you by recommending a numbing cream: Numb Skin which can be applied in prior to your inking process, making the tattoo journey painless.

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