Make Your Special One Go Aww With Unique Tattoo Designs

The popularity of tattoos amongst the people is at its peak since the time of its birth. Tattoos are one of the best platforms to express your feelings and thoughts for someone. The best thing about tattoos is that they do not discriminate anyone on the basis of color, age, caste or gender. Anyone ranging from 18 years to 60 years can get a tattoo on his or her skin.

Tattoos are present amongst humans since ages and till now so many trends come and go in the field of the tattoo. So once someone makes up his or her mind to get a tattoo on the skin, they get reluctant to ink their dream because of lack of tattoo ideas.


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Kevin, an 18-year-old guy postponed is his plan to get tattooed because of the same reason. He says that “I have seen my elder brother and his friend regretting after 6 months of getting a tattoo. When asked, they shared the reason that because of lack of thorough research on a tattoo design, we got ourselves inked in a random tattoo design which we regret now. So, I have decided to make up my mind first and then get a tattoo, thereby not repeating the mistake my brother committed.”

The article shares the two tattoo designs which are unique, creative and innovative at the same time that can become part of your skin and you will love it forever.

  • Soundwave Tattoos

Have you ever imagined how good it will be if your tattoo starts to speak? Surprised? But it’s not a joke. Now you can really add voice to your emotions with help of new tattoo named soundwave tattoo which is a unique amalgamation of art and science.

Tattoos are permanent assets of your body and they are no less than a body part as they are house to your emotions. But with advancement in technology, you will be hearing the emotions hidden in these tattoos.

What do you need to have to get Soundwave tattoo? You just require a mobile app, your favorite sound, and creativity of yours and tattoo artist.

With help of a mobile application called skin motion, a soundwave pattern of your chosen audio in any form: noise, music or some sound will be created. The generated pattern will be inked on your skin and then by using a Smartphone’s camera your tattoo will play the desired sound.


  • DNA Tattoos

The most common desire floating in your heart and mind if you love someone is to get a tattoo of her name on your skin. But at the same time, you step back from your thought thinking it to be too old-fashioned tattoo design. But thanks to science that they have added uniqueness to your thought and have come up with a brand new tattoo design named DNA Tattoos.

DNA Tattoo was used to be famous with the name of ‘Morbid Ink’ amongst the underground tattoo artists. But now it has become legal and anyone can get is on their skin. DNA Tattoo took birth in a company called Everence.

The process is not a hard nut to crack.

  • Give DNA of a person to Everence in any form: saliva, hair or blood
  • They will extract and purify it at their end.
  • The DNA will be converted into powdery form and will be returned o you in a vial which will be free from any chemical impurities.
  • Take the powder to your tattoo artist and he will mix it with ink and will gift you a tattoo of your lover’s DNA.

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