Tattoo Artists Don’t Recommend Use of Numbing Cream- Why?

Summary: It is often said that a good numbing cream would serve as your best friend when you wish to have your skin tattooed. Though it is a simple way to make the process painless, hence, it is not advised by the artists whole-heartedly. Why so? Let’s find out.

Tattoo Artist’s Numbing Cream

Are you fascinated to get a big tattoo on your back or neck? But you are scared of the pain, right? So, now you will start surfing through internet and those never-ending Google searches on how to get a pain free tattoo will block your mind. In all this, the deep truth is it causes pain. Now it depends from person to person, as per the bearing power, how much pain the feel.

Luckily, medical advancement and technology has solutions for everything. Yes, not it is possible to get your skin tattooed in a pain-free manner. How? Topical solutions like Numb Skin can be used to reduce the pain by causing numbing sensation for the skin. In all, making feasible to bear the tattoo pain!

But then why some artists avoid using numbing creams? Or

Why it is not considered safe by tattoo artists?

The reason is simple; there are several misconceptions about usage of numbing creams.

First and foremost, these artists always doubt about their working, i.e. whether numbing cream really lead to painless tattooing or not. The fact is that numbing creams do work.  Not only they eliminate the pain but also help with quick healing.

Secondly, many of them don’t consider it to be safe on skin. But they overlook the presence of many safe alternatives available in the market, for example, Numb Skin.

Reasons why Numb Skin is safe?

  • Numb Skin consists of Lidocaine, an approved element, and is safe for reducing dermatological pains.
  • It makes use of the right amount of Lidocaine, i.e. 5% which has been authorized by FDA. 
  • US food and Drug Administration has approved it for safer use in dermatological processes. 
  • It is one of the best topical anesthetic creams available, which is manufactured by a Canadian Company and is well known for dermal pain reduction.
  • The manufacturing process is as per the ISO rules. It is best known to remove the pain to a greater extent.

So, if your artist has asked you to avoid numbing solution, now you have a safer choice. Go for it!

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