The Basics of Tattoos: Get To Know More About Tattoos and Procedures

Body art is highly in trend these days. People love to go for different things. But, when it comes to a tattoo, things become extreme. Earlier they were popular among celebrities, but now everyone wants to get a tattoo and that too the most exclusive design. 

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They say, ‘pain is a pleasure’. It might sound playful unless it is about severe tattoo pain. Yes, tattoo- the most prominent form of body art causes a greater amount of pain. But, that doesn’t mean you need to keep a distance from this beautiful art.  

Definitely, you can go for it and that too without pain. It is possible with the best numbing solution- Dr. Numb! 

Tattoo- a way to express yourself! 

Do you know around 20% of adults above 18 years have at least one tattoo, and 14% of them have two tattoos or more? And this craziness for tattoo art is not constrained to the youngsters only.

As per the recent reports, approximately 30% of 40- to 49-year-olds adore at least one tattoo and the count for seniors between 50 and 64 is 11%

So, one thing is pretty clear that tattoos are becoming highly popular and are here to stay for long. But, it is nothing new to the world. This form of body art exists from centuries. In several corners of the world, it has been treated as a religious sign, while in others it was a practice to keep negative energies away. However, now it is more fashion statement.

People, who love to show their unique style or wish to flaunt themselves, wherever they go, are fond of tattooing. 

Fly with wings: 

You want to be free like birds, isn’t it? Although the technology doesn’t provide you with wings, yet the body art can make you feel their presence. And this is the reason why the amazing wings tattoo designs make their presence in the list of latest designs. Being one of the popular tattoos of 2015, they are loved for their meaning. It clearly indicates the absolute freedom of soul and personality.

They are equally adorned by both, men and women. While the men toady prefer eagle wings, as they represent the strong character, valiant soul and hunting ability of men. On the other hand, ladies love to have the angel wings tattoo. Moreover, these designs are no more constrained to grey colored wings, but also colorful wings like the one in red, light blue and much more are appealing the tattoo lovers. 

Numb skin:

The top-grade local anesthesia NumbSkin is well known for providing relief to those who feared the pain of numerous dermal and body art procedures. When it comes to tattooing, it serves as the best and most economical pain- relieving solution.

• Being a topical anesthesia, it consists of 5% lidocaine, which is the highest amount allowed by Drug Regulatory Authorities.  And we also make sure that it contains pure lidocaine. 

• With a water-based solution, SkinNumb cream assures that it doesn’t interfere with the ink or the skin’s elasticity. Hence, it is safe to use for a painless tattoo process. 

This topical numbing cream simple works by blocking nerves from transmitting painful impulses to your brain. All you need to do is apply a thick layer of the cream to the particular area leave it at least for 30 minutes. You can use an airtight bandage for best results. Once you are done with this, your skin is ready to get inked that too without pain. It works for around three hours. 

Isn’t that you have been dreaming for- a painless tattoo. Now, your dream comes true! 

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