The Dont’s To Be Followed To Get Rid Of Acne

Worried for acne and scars? Before you head off with the treatment make sure you are aware of these don’ts. Have a look. 


With 50 million people in the United States suffering from acne, it is no wonder that you too are looking for some easy cures. While there is no dearth of information on how to treat acne and scars, there is one thing which is often skipped off. 

Do you know there are several activities which lead to origin or increased number of acne?

It clearly indicates that along with searching for those remedies and treatments, you must be aware of some important don’ts. Below you will find 6 major things which you need to stop right away. 

Don’t skip your medication:

If you have visited your dermatologist and has been advised some medicines, be sure to be regular. Medication has to be continues as long as the underlying problem is not solved. In case you reduce their intake or skip them off completely, you might end up with more problems.

Don’t pick your pimples:

Being one of the most disastrous things you could ever do to your skin, this has to be strictly avoided. Yes, it can be difficult to see them sitting on your face. But will picking them help out? No! Instead if you do so, you skin becomes prone to bacteria and inflammation.

Don’t use harsh or irritating products:

It is important to keep your clean and dust free. But make sure you don’t use any harsh or chemical filled cleaner for this purpose. You must look for a cleaner as per your skin type. And make sure that it consists of natural ingredients.  

Don’t overdo:

Acne is a problem which takes time to be cured. It cannot be treated overnight. So don’t get indulged in any false treatment or product promising magical results. Similarly, over application of a product or treatment is not going to help. Keep patience and allow it heal naturally. 

Don’t miss on your diet:

In the urge to treat scars people often miss on their inner health. You need to understand that your skin reflects whatever is going inside. From your diet to lifestyle, everything has to be monitored.  In many cases, even after application of best acne cream will do nothing good. One reason could be that you have an underlying condition which has to be cured. 

Don’t exfoliate too much:

Just like your treatment, you need to control cleansing process too. Kindly avoid overdoing in any sense. Your skin is currently inflamed and it will be very sensitive. So you need to give it some time to heal naturally. Avoid over scrubbing and exfoliating. A gentle and timely cleansing, using a calming cleanser which is pH-balanced, is all you need. 

So you need to avoid these major mistakes for treating acne wisely. Additionally, you must also look forward to processes like dermarolling. It is a natural collagen boosting treatment which helps keeping acne at bay. Just there is one catch. It is little painful; but that doesn’t stop you from using it. You can escape pain caused using a lidocaine based cream like NumbSkin

It is the presence of 5% lidocaine which makes your skin numb and the process painless. Simply, you can now enjoy problem free skin.

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