Tips to deal with the pain and flare-ups of hemorrhoids!

Hemorrhoids are the swollen veins in the lowest part ofthe rectum and anuswhich is also known as piles. They usually cause straining at the time of bowel movements. Discomfort, pain and flare-ups are its common symptoms.Mostly, the piles disappears with the passage of time.

Tips to deal with the pain and flare-ups of hemorrhoids!

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Here are some useful tips to deal with its flare-ups and pain:

Types of hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids: These are located inside of the rectum, and generally, they don’t cause pain because this area has no sensory veins.

External hemorrhoids: These are located near the anal aperture.They can swell, cause irritation and can be very painful during bowel movements. If external hemorrhoids can’t be pushed inside, thenit can be treated only with surgery.

Mixed hemorrhoids: These hemorrhoids are the mixture of both internal and external hemorrhoids.

Some common symptoms of hemorrhoids

Before starting the hemorrhoids treatment, you should be aware of its causes. Although the exact cause is still unknown, but there are many factors that are responsible for their development. For instance:

  • If you are constipated
  • Your diet lacks in fiber
  • If you are pregnant
  • If you are obese
  • If you sit in the same position for long period.
  • If you lift heavy objects.

Tips to deal with hemorrhoids

Many people suffer from the irritation of hemorrhoids, and they can be itchy and painful.

Here are some tips to deal with them:

Ice packs

Hemorrhoids can cause swelling, which can be uncomfortable and irritating. You can use pre-made ice bags or make ice bag by yourself. But don’t use it continuously for more than 15 minutes becausethey can cause frostbite or low blood pressure.

Oil the process

The greasing is important for the body.You can mix a teaspoon of oil with yogurt or applesauce and have it as breakfast,lunch or dinner.It will allow stool to slide down throughhemorrhoids easily.

Over the counter medicine

There are many numbing creams available on the market for hemorrhoids. They prohibit the sensation of pain from reaching the brain and provide relief from the pain. Ensure that you consult your doctor before using numbing cream.

Fiber diet 

Fibers are important for human body.Hemorrhoids mostly occur in people with less frequent bowel movements.

Sothe easiest way to treat them is to take proper diet, and add fiber or fiber supplements in your daily diet. Green vegetables, fruits, black beans, lima beans, baked beans, whole grains, oatmeal etc. are good sources of fibers.

Drink plenty of water

Water is the cheapest and best remedy for internals as well as external hemorrhoids. Drinking six to eight glassesof water a day not only keep your digestive system clean, but it alsooffers several physical benefits.

Surgical option

If these non-surgical treatmentsare not able to treat your hemorrhoids,then it’s time to see a doctor.

Instead of hesitating, think of all the pain you are going through.

Doctor will ask you everything about your problem, and then he will start his treatment.The hemorrhoidectomyand stapling are the surgical treatments used for the internal and extremals hemorrhoids.


Exercise is one of the best way to receive relief from constipation. The activities like running, jogging, swimming,and daily walks help in keeping your digestive system healthy. If the digestive system is healthy, then you are less vulnerable to hemorrhoids. 

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