What Beauty Trends To Leave Right Away In 2018?

Trends in world of fashion are never constant. They keep on evolving and changing according to the people’s demand and taste. While the New Year has just started, it becomes essential to have a look on what all you need to ditch. Dig in for more details!

What Beauty Trends To Leave Right Away In 2018?

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With the start of the New Year, there is lot hype in the fashion world. These days so many trends are coming in and going out. Hence, it becomes quite obvious to keep yourself informed with the latest updates. Right?

While you might have read a lot about the expected trends in 2018, there are chances that you overlooked on what all to leave. Let’s find out the list of trends which are surely to be left and make a new move.

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Skip the Stark Contouring

Whether it is about the style diva Kim Kardashian or Huda Beauty, everyone raved about contouring faces. And it was too much in talk that there came a point in 2017where no one blended their contour anymore. Those stark brown and grey lines were loved all over their face. Finally, the trend is now fading and the overly contoured stripped look is ready to leave. So, the good thing about this year is that you don’t need to own a makeup palette with three contour colors, with those added three different highlights. You can skip off contouring for just special occasion or from your everyday makeup regime.

Please Let Go Pouted Face

No we don’t mean to say that 2018 will be a ‘no pout’ year.  Of course, a luscious smooth pout is always going to be a beauty ideal. But it is right to let the trend of over lined lips, which was started by Kylie Jenner. And yes you can replace it with rock the lips view.

Hop Over the Highlighters

Without a doubt, 2017 has been the year of stark shiny highlighters. You might have checked for different beauty blogger on Instagram and other platforms, glowing like a goddess. However, now it is really too much and it is right time to let your inner glow shine through. Let the highlighter go away and bring it down a few notches. Every face has its own glow and it is beautiful. So, in 2018 celebrate more natural appearances.

Rest a Full Glam Face

Well, this one might not be easy for everyone. Most of those who are in love with glamour are never satisfied until they have done the whole primer, foundation, contour brush, highlighter, and setting spray regime. But as stated above, in 2018 it will be all about looking natural. Yes, skin is in for 2018. So, you will love when skin looks like skin and a mask.

No Simple Brows

It was in 2016 when bold eyebrows became a trend. Even today creative geniuses in the beauty world go completely crazy when it came to experimenting with eyebrows. Whether it is about swiggy eyebrows or adding glitter to brows, there is a lot to do. In case, you don’t have proper brow growth or lack natural look, you can switch to other options like microblading. Being a non-surgical method it offers you gorgeous eyebrows. You need to consult a professional for this, and don’t forget to order a topical anesthetic cream beforehand. Yes, it can be little painful. But it yields amazing results.

Do you think there are some trends which need to be ditched in 2018? Comment below and let us know!

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