What Forward Helix Ear Piercings Does To Your Soul?

There are various reasons for getting pierced. Some get it to look different from the rest, as they consider it to be a form of their personal expression. For some, it is a religious tradition, but most importantly it is in vogue, and getting popular among youths and mid aged people.

There are so many types of body piercings you can get. Forward helix ear piercing is one of them. It is unique, trendy and has so many healing benefits for the body and soul. It is still considered as a healing tradition that acts as an alternative and holistic approach to medications, which we now call acupuncture.

helix ear piercings

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What is forward helix ear piercing?

Forward helix piercing is also known as top ear piercing or the ear cartilage piercing. Forward helix is a small piece of skin at the very front of the ear that attaches the ear and the head together.

How it is similar to acupuncture?

Forward helix ear piercing is quite close to acupuncture and auriculotherapy. It was proven in 50’s by Dr. Nogier, the father of modern auriculotherapy. He told the world that there is a positive healing connection between the ear and other body parts, which you can measure with modern auriculotherapy equipment.

Since ear piercing also uses perforation healing technique like acupuncture and auriculotherapy, it helps stimulating nerves and energy to heal pain or several health conditions. This happens because of acupuncturists, the body pressure points found in the ear.

If done properly, ear piercing can improve the flow of energy within the body. It can help to alleviate certain pain, stress symptoms and regulate the body’s functions and internal organs.

Healing benefits of forwarding helix ear piercing

A huge number of people consider piercing to treat their specific health condition. It is mostly suggested to people with a migraine, depression and increased stress levels. In the procedure, the doctor marks the exact pressure point locations where the piercings need to be placed.

The piercings are done using solid gold or silver jewelry, therefore there would be no chance of reaction from nickel allergy or irritation. Aftercare products are also given to the client to diminish the chance of infection.

The procedure is easy, less time consuming and does not involve any pain, as the numbing cream is always applied to the area before starting the procedure.

Heals faster

Forward helix ear piercing on a specific acupressure point helps to relieve tense muscles, encourage blood circulation, and prompt your body to release energy for healing.If you are currently fighting off an illness or health condition, ask your doctor if auriculotherapy or ear piercing can help to speed up the process of recovery.

Relieve pain

During forwarding helix piercing applying pressure to the correct area or nerve that corresponds with the part of your body experiencing pain will recuperate any blockage that is causing it.

Reduce skin aging signs

Forward helix ear piercing increases your blood circulation and muscle tone for your face as well as the rest of your body. So if you are experiencing early skin aging sings like wrinkles, ear piercing will help you to lessen the appearance of wrinkles on your face.

Soothe your body and brain

One of the great benefits of forwarding helix ear piercing is that it will not only make you feel better but will help relax your brain too. Depression, stress and other emotional hardships can tense your body and mind up, and piercing helps you to deal with them in a better way by calming your mind.

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