What to Know About Foot Tattoos?

From pain factor, designs to aftercare instructions, here we have rounded up some essential things you should know about foot tattoos.

What to Know About Foot Tattoos?

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Foot tattoos, whether they are placed on the ankle, mid foot or the shinbone, look awesome and cute. And one more thing—foot tattoos add to your oomph factor. The tattoo ideas for your feet are unlimited, from a tiny heart, chain, phrases to a simple arrow. Unarguably, you must be excited to get the one.

However, we insist you to ponder over some factors before getting a foot tattoo. From pain factor, designs to aftercare instructions, here we have rounded up some essential things you should know about foot tattoos.

Consider the Design:

While you can explore millions of tattoos for the foot, make sure to choose the one that can go well with your taste, your personality. You can look for inspiration as many celebrities have got these tattoos. Then, you have to decide if you want to get a tattoo for you or other people.

Think About Placement:

Tattoo placement on the foot is very tricky. For example, if your tattoo is on the side of your feet, where your shoe rubs, it’s definitely going to be erased. Ankle tattoos are vulnerable to fading as they are more exposed to the sun. Then, you won’t be able to get a very large or detailed tattoo due to a little space on your foot. Therefore, you need to be good at aftercare plan to protect your tattoos from such obvious factors. Will your tattoo be visible in standing or sitting position? (Here you can mark the tattoo spot and wear the shoes to check if it is visible.)

You Have to Be Careful About Your Footwear Choices:aHave

From visibility to healing, footwear plays important role in each aspect associated with foot tattoos. For example, flip flops or ballet flats provide an open environment suitable for your tattoo healing.

Frequent Touch Ups are Essential:

Given that foot tattoos are exposed to water and sun, you will need frequent touch ups to keep them brighter for longer. Some tattoo parlours offer free touch up for the tattoos made by them.

Aftercare is downright essential:

Again, foot tattoos can be faded as they are exposed to water, sun, dust and sweating. Therefore, you will have to be serious about your aftercare plan. Here are some important points related to this…

  • Avoid wearing shoes for at least a couple of weeks to prevent friction against the surface of the foot. Besides, shoes may cause suffocation, irritation and sweating in the tattooed area.
  • Avoid water contact.
  • Protect your foot tattoos from direct sun exposure. Apply SPF 30 sunscreen or cover them with a piece of garment while stepping out in the sun.
  • Moisturize the tattoos by applying moisturizer or balm given by your tattoo artist.
  • Don’t pick the scabs as it may affect your tattoo healing

Healing Time Lasts Up to 2-3 Weeks:

A foot tattoo takes from 2 to 3 weeks to achieve complete healing. It is totally normal to experience swelling or redness while your healing period is on. If it is oozing or the redness persists for longer, see your doctor as it may be a sign of infection.

Foot Tattoo Does Hurt:

Foot is a boney part with little to no “flesh cushion”. When the tattoo machine needle runs on this boney surface, you are obvious to feel pain. Don’t worry! Here numbing cream like NumbSkin will make the things easier for you. A numbing cream dulls your skin patch for a couple of hours so that you don’t feel anything happening to your skin. In other words, you will feel no pain while having a foot tattoo.

So these are the things you should keep in mind while getting a foot tattoo.







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