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Every day we receive hundreds of orders and inquiries from various businesses and numbing cream users worldwide. In order to bring our entire operation to another level and proactively provide business opportunities, we need Wholesalers like you.

As a NumbSkin™ Wholesalers, you can capitalize on establishing a steady revenue stream while building your reputation as a business and offering your customers the best topical anesthetic cream in the market. We have redefined the meaning of “Joint Success” by promoting parallel growth for both businesses and the company through continuous dedicated support.

Why NumbSkin™?

Here is the MOST compelling reason why you should focus on selling NumbSkin™ Products: IT IS A GREAT PAIN MANAGEMENT SOLUTION.

This is the part where it gets better and better…

Well-established product. NumbSkin™ Products are manufactured in a GMP-recognized (Good Manufacturing Practice) facility thus ensuring consistency of the quality of products in every production. NumbSkin™ proprietary formula is a cut above the rest, having greater Lidocaine concentration for effective numbing that most consumers are looking for.

NumbSkin™ Wholesale Program also possesses great supplying capacity to meet the product demands from wholesalers and consumers within USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and around the globe.

HUGE Profits.

Starts at 50% up to 70% Discount! This is the only Wholesale Program for topical anesthetic products that offers profitability this much.

We do all the muscle work.

NumbSkin™ Wholesale Program lets you keep your business running at low cost. We have steady Professional marketing promotions to continuously build brand awareness and bring foot traffic to your store so you can only focus on making sales.

Continuous support and mentoring.

As part of building sound business relationships with NumbSkin™ Wholesalers, post-sales and support activities are core components in ensuring that the customer are able to sell the products properly and able to find opportunities to accelerate sales by upselling on the latest and greatest complementary or offers.

Requirements to become a NumbSkin™ Wholesaler

ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS TO START SELLING whether you have an existing business or just starting up.


Topical anesthetic products play a huge role in the healthcare industry. It’s all about making it better and easier for the people when it comes to pain management. NumbSkin™ Products are applicable to companies across a wide range of industries and sectors. More specifically, our customers are:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Medical Spas
  • Laser Treatment Centers
  • Spas and Salons
  • Tattoo and Body piercing establishments
  • NumbSkin™ end users

What Do NumbSkin™ Wholesalers Get

We will provide you with additional benefits on top of the huge discounts which include increased engagement with customers, visibility, and exclusive sales and marketing opportunities. Materials we will provide to ensure consistent customer success:

  • NumbSkin™ Badge or Logo for use in sales and marketing materials
  • Product Information Sheet
  • Sell Sheet
  • Be enlisted in our Wholesaler Directory visible to potential customers globally
  • Images and other marketing materials

How Do I Become a NumbSkin ™ Wholesaler?

In order to become one, you need to submit a Wholesaler Application Form and sign our Wholesale Agreement. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance. We have experts available to answer all your questions. We do require your paperwork completed prior to setting up your account and shipping your first order. We look forward to having you as a customer and becoming business partners. We take pride in our products and are delighted you want to represent them.

The Details

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PDF files require Adobe Reader. Download here.

Note: High-res product images, cut sheets, etc. have moved to a password protected portal here and are now available only to current wholesale customers. If you are a current customer please use the contact information below to obtain the login information. Otherwise, please fill out and submit the required Wholesale Account Application to obtain access.


Contact our Wholesale Program Specialists at 1.844.700.NUMB option 3, Monday to Saturday 10AM -- 7PM CST.

As a hospital that mainly admits children as patients, we really strive hard to find ways to improve our pain management for children experiencing pain in acute settings (post injury or during an illness). We know the extent of how traumatizing it could be for children to receive injection shots.

Aside from our multidisciplinary approach which by far the most effective method we have used in which our practitioners have special training and experience in caring for children in pain work together to fulfill your child’s needs, we use NumbSkin™ Topical Numbing Cream. Out of the several brands of numbing creams our doctors used, NumbSkin™ Topical Numbing Cream delivered the best results in minimizing discomfort of children during administration of injection shots and minor surgeries. It is non-invasive and it activates really fast and the wait time that increases anxiety becomes insignificant. It numbs the skin completely so children do not feel the pain at all.

Pain is the most unpleasant experience can ever experience in a hospital. Worse, it can interfere with recovery of children from surgery or illness, or affect the child’s activities of daily living. We strive to manage pain, keeping it at the lowest level that is safely possible, even if that means there is still a little pain left over. Thanks to NumbSkin™ Topical Numbing Cream our active quality improvement process helps us maintain the highest level of care and service to our patients and families.

I love babies. My dream of becoming a pediatrician began with this thought, that a young person can make a difference in the world by caring for babies and children. But the path to becoming a practicing pediatrician is an emotional one built on endurance and medical expertise. The most satisfying experience in this profession is to see children recover their health and go home happily with their families.

Aside from our multidisciplinary approach which by far the most effective method we have used in which our practitioners have special training and experience in caring for children in pain work together to fulfill your child’s needs, we use NumbSkin™ Topical Numbing Cream. Out of the several brands of numbing creams our doctors used, NumbSkin™ Topical Numbing Cream delivered the best results in minimizing discomfort of children during administration of injection shots and minor surgeries. It is non-invasive and it activates really fast and the wait time that increases anxiety becomes insignificant. It numbs the skin completely so children do not feel the pain at all.

Being a doctor that specializes in Cosmetic Dermatology, I believe that care should be personalized and must be provided by not just one person but an entire team. Our Skin Clinic offers cosmetic dermatology, laser procedures, and medical dermatology services. Individual aesthetic needs may be addressed by one or several of our physicians in the comfort and convenience of our clinic. We treat each patient’s pain according to her unique situation. The condition, patient’s quality of life and physicians’ plans all factor into our care management plan. One of the most common anxieties of patients undergoing such procedures is “PAIN.” One of the hardest things about pain is that even the best treatments do not guarantee that pain will be eliminated entirely.

“Turning skeptics into believers.” Yes, as much I hate to admit it, I was one of those people who initially doubted the marketability and profitability of this product. I am a Distributor or medical supplies and equipment so these type of products are my main focus. At that time, I was just beginning to tap into distributing pharmaceutical products when a Sales Associate offered me to carry NumbSkin™ topical anesthetic cream. I wasn’t aware how vast the numbing cream market is so I only bought the smallest distributor kit. It didn’t take me a long time to get the business going. NumbSkin™ is NOT the DIY-type of business and the market is not saturated so it gives Distributors like me enough room to sell my products quickly. I like their straightforward system and it does not have complicated requirements and regulations that’s why I can really concentrate my efforts in selling. As far as training, support and marketing materials – they provided everything to me. If you ask me about the profit, a whopping 50% off of the original prices!

Five years ago I was laid off from my job and had so much difficulty securing a new one. So with little savings I had, I thought carefully what kind of business to start. it was such a great feat for me that I was skeptical and somewhat afraid to start something new. Little by little I got involved into different buy and sell business. After a year of trying to recover a life-changing event happened to me. I visited my favorite tattoo artist downtown to get my back tattooed. I wasn’t really good at handling pain so he recommended using a numbing cream on me prior to the procedure. I was so amazed that such product existed, it worked like magic - I was literally pain-free for hours.

Since I experienced this product firsthand, I looked up the place where I could buy NumbSkin™ and luckily purchased the smallest package for distribution at a discounted rate. I started dropping off NumbSkin™ tubes in different tattoo shops downtown by consignment. I thought it would take time for the sales to pick up but I was mistaken. The demand grew and before I know it, my business flourished in many ways I could have imagined. The most important reason why I like this product is because it’s recession-proof. For business starters like me, this product provides an opportunity to reach greater heights regardless of age, race, education or economic background.

Honestly, I love what I have right now. I get to spend more time with my family and take trips to places we’ve never been – all because of NumbSkin™. It’s helped me have a better lifestyle without sacrificing quality time with my family. It has changed me into a better person and helped me to realistically achieve my dreams. The past doesn't matter to me anymore. I look forward to do more and to inspire others.”

Our Laser Treatment Center specializes in procedures such as:

  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL™) for brown pigmentation, redness, age spots and broken blood vessels
  • Fraxel Laser Resurfacing for wrinkles and fine lines and acne scars
  • Lumenis LightSheer™ Laser treatment for unwanted Hair
  • Pulsed Dye Laser treatment for Facial Spider Veins, Rosacea, and Keloidal/Hypertrophic Scars
  • Q Switched Yag Laser treatment for Age Spots and Small Tattoos


Laser is a medical breakthrough therapy that paved way to treatment or correction of various beauty problems. Despite the results and benefits it gives, the fact that laser can cause discomfort to patients that can easily elevate to pain. As part of our management care plan, we advocate the use of topical numbing agents to prevent the stinging, prickling and burning sensations that laser produce. We find NumbSkin™ as the most effective and most consistent out of all the topical numbing agents that we tried. The results are uniform despite of the age, race, skin color and skin type of the patient.Since we started using this brand, our Customer Retention rate went as high as 99%. Not only that,we are also continuously attracting new customers by means of word-of-mouth thanks to NumbSkin™.

“I love the freedom, flexibility and income potential.” I have always been looking for a business that will help me achieve all these. I’m a more well-rounded person so I constantly look for things that will further my personal growth. The greatest gift from my NumbSkin business has been my personal growth and not only that, I realized I could make money on this business.

My NumbSkin™ business has changed my life big time. My children are very proud of me and they see me as a strong business-woman. I was able to send them all to College by selling NumbSkin™ products. It has inspired them to start their own businesses to sustain their personal needs. For me personally, my confidence has increased, my self-esteem has improved, and most of all, I have experienced tremendous personal growth.

Why my customers love me: I give them discounts when they reorder, follow-up phone calls every two months and let them know they're special, and I appreciate them. The competitive wholesale pricing NumbSkin™ has allows me to be able to do all these. Most of all, I sell them products that really work and even exceed their expectations.

NumbSkin™ business is a rather stable source of income. No matter what the economic climate, people want to look good and engage in different skin procedures to improve themselves. “This business really makes sense."

NumbSkin Discounted Pricing

We offer NumbSkin at the best and most affordable prices to give everyone access to a high quality, safe and effective lidocaine numbing cream. If you are looking for distributor pricing, please visit our Distributor page for more information









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